Dragonflies of the Southwest (Odonata) - Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah

Dragonflies (Odonata) of the Greater Southwest
- Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah

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NEW 2015
Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest
Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico,
Nevada and Utah

by Kathy Biggs
updates to species names and maps- 2017

Updated - Spring 2017
Dragonflies of California and the Greater Southwest
A Beginner's Guide - AZ, CA, CO, NV, NM, UT - eGuide

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Published March 2004
Updates & corrections 2010
Includes damselflies

Dragonflies of North America,
A Color and Learn Book
with Activities
(also available on a CD)

by Kathy Biggs and Tim Manolis

Build a Pond for Wildlife
Dragonflies need ponds to breed in!!

by Kathy Biggs
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BELOMO 10x Triplet, Loupe & lanyard

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Dragonflies of North America, Color and Learn
Common Dragonflies of California
Build a Pond for Wildlife
Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest

of the Greater Southwest

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Sketch of a dragonfly body
showing the body parts

DRAGONFLIES - Anisoptera:

Large, heavy-bodied; ordinarily larger than damselflies.
Wings are held open & flat or down & forward when perched.
Large eyes are spaced very close together and in most families actually touch, creating a seam down the center.
Strong fliers; a few are even migratory.
Males have three terminal abdominal appendages and a bump (genitalia) under their second abdominal segment.
All females have only two terminal abdominal appendages and in many families they also have an ovipositor.
Most dragonflies lay their eggs directly into the water.
As of 2010, the southwest has at least 132 species of Anisoptera in 45 genera, representing all seven American dragonfly families.

Sketch of a damselfly body
showing the body parts


Slender-bodied, generally smaller and more frail than dragonflies. Most have an eyespot in back of each eye.
When perched, all four wings are usually held together alongside or sail- like over the abdomen.
Eyes set far apart on head, appear hammer headed.
Weak fliers, usually found not too far from water.
Males have a bump (genitalia) under their 2nd abdominal segment and four terminal abdominal appendages.
Females have a wide ovipositor on the lower end of their abdomen and only two terminal abdominal appendages.
Damselflies lay their eggs directly into vegetation.
As of 2016, the southwest has at least 82 damselfly species in 17 SW genera, representing all 4 American families.
Note that the family Protoneuridae is gone; it has been lumped into the Coenagrionidae.

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