Common Dragonflies of the Southwest
Common Dragonflies of the Southwest

Now you can make the most of your outdoor experiences throughout the west. Common Dragonflies of the Southwest, A Beginner's Pocket Guide is the first dragonfly guide for the southwest. The arid regions there have a unique dragonfly fauna that has not been addressed by any dragonfly guide, until now.

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by Kathy Biggs
Azalea Creek Publishing
ISBN 0-9677934-1-6

160 pages.
Now you can identify all the common dragonflies and damselflies in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado & Northern California and ALL the species found in Southern California.
129 species of Dragonflies and Damselflies includes photographs of 96 of 109 CA, 87 of 88 NV, 83 of 90 UT, 81 of 99 CO, 91 of 117 AZ, & 99 of 112 NM species.
~350 full-color photographs
Photos of all males, most females. ALL new photos
Additional black & white line drawings illustrate damselfly appendages.
Includes descriptions of males, females, habitat, flight periods and distribution.
Checklist of ALL 189 SW species included.
Companion website shows more photos, descriptions, & links to geographic distribution maps.

Autographed by author!

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