(inc. dust-jacketed Calif. version) - December 2010

Many new discoveries have been made in our exciting field of Odonata.
Also, some of the Common and the Scientific Names have been formally changed by the DSA.

Please update Common Dragonflies of the Southwest and it's dust-jacket edition titled Dragonflies of California and Common Dragonflies of the Southwest to reflect the following new data:

p.152 -
Add these new species:
Tawny Pennant Brachymesia herbida - NM
Calico Pennant Celithemis elisa - CO
Pin-tailed Pondhawk Erythemis plebeja - AZ
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Pale-faced Clubskimmer - add CO
Halloween Pennant - add AZ
Swift Setwing - add CO
Western Pondhawk - change scientific name to Erythemis simplicollis collocata
Eastern Pondhawk - change scientific name to Erythemis simplicollis simplicollis
Plateau Dragonlet - add CA
Boreal Whiteface - add NM
Red-waisted Whiteface - change common name to Belted Whiteface

p.153 -
Add these new species:
White-tailed Sylph Macrothemis pseudimitans - AZ
Spot-tailed Dasher Micrathyria aequalis - AZ
Thornbush Dasher Micrathyria hagenii - AZ
Carmine Skimmer Orthemis discolor - AZ
Blue-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum ambiguum - NM
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Marl Pennant - add NV
Mexican Amberwing - add UT
Filigree Skimmer - add CA

p. 154 -
Add these new species:
SKIMMERS: Evening Skimmer Thoymis citrina - AZ
SKIMMERS: Sooty Saddlebags Tramea binotata - AZ
SKIMMERS: Antillean Saddlebags Tramea insularis - AZ
EMERALDS: Prince Baskettail, Epitheca princeps - NM & CO
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Change common name from Western to Band-winged Meadowhawk, AND
change scientific name from occidentale to semicinctum
Ruby Meadowhawk - delete UT & NM
Spot-winged Meadowhawk - add CO and NM
Change common name from Yellow-legged to Autumn Meadowhawk
Striped Saddlebags - add CA & NM
Remove Common Baskettail from the list - Dr. Nick Donnelly has reviewed specimens labeled as such in CO and found them to all be Dot-winged Baskettails instead. He has found that there are not ANY E. cynosura specimens from west of central Kansas and Nebraska.
Orange Shadowdragon - remove CO, add it for NM
Hudsonian Emerald - add UT
Lance-tipped Darner - Change ? to X for the state of NV
Persephone's Darner - add UT

p. 155 -
Add these new species:
CLUBTAILS: Narrow-striped Forceptail Aphylla protracta - AZ
CLUBTAILS: Flag-tailed Spinyleg Dromogomphus spoliatus - CO, NM
CLUBTAILS: Straight-tipped Ringtail Erpetogomphus elaps- AZ
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Change name from Turquoise Darner to Turquoise-tipped Darner; add CA
White-belted Ringtail - add CO
Plains Clubtail - add CO
Pale Snaketail - add AZ
Brimstone Clubtail - add CO

p.156 -
Add this new species:
SPREADWINGS: Add Southern Spreadwing Lestes australis - NM
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Pacific Spiketail - add AZ
Canyon Rubyspot - add NV
Great Spreadwing - add NV
Plateau Spreadwing - add CO
Change common name from Common to Northern Spreadwing

p.157 -
Add these new species:
Yaqui Dancer Argia carlcooki - AZ
Harkness's Dancer Argia harknessi - AZ
Blue-tipped Dancer Argia tibialis - CO
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Change common name from Variable to Violet Dancer, AND
change scientific name to Argia fumipennis violacea
Lavender Dancer - add UT
Apache Dancer - add NV
Fiery-eyed Dancer - add NM

p.158 -
Add these new species:
Rainbow Bluet E. antennatum - CO
Baja Bluet E. eiseni - AZ & CA?
Neotropical Bluet E. novaehispaniae - AZ
Orange Bluet Enallagma signatum - CO
Change data for the following species as indicated:
Taiga Bluet - add NM
Change scientific name for Northern Bluet to E. annexum
Double-striped Bluet - add NV
Desert Forktail - add CO
Mexican Forktail - add NV

Please also make the changes mentioned above on the appropriate species and index pages; then make the following additional changes that are listed below:

p.10 - Change bottom paragraph so that number of SW species = at least 132.

p.11 - Change longest length to be 65mm; number of SW genera to 23; total # of species to 70

p.13 - Neon Skimmer's flight period: April - November

p.14 - Red Rock Skimmer's flight period: February - December

p.15 - Band-winged Meadowhawk's flight period: April - November

p.16 - Cardinal Meadowhawk's flight period: January - December

p.18 - Yellow-legged Meadowhawk to Autumn Meadowhawk & flight period: May - November

p.19 - Red-tailed Pennant's flight period: March - December

p.20 - Cherry-faced Meadowhawk's flight period: June - September

p.23 - Saffron-winged Meadowhawk's flight period: June - October

p.26 - Mexican Amberwing's flight period: April - December

p.27 - Eastern Amberwing's flight period: March - October

p.28 - Red Saddlebag's flight period: January - November

p.30 - Marl Pennant's flight period: May - October

p.31 - Checkered Setwing's flight period: May - November

p.33 - Common Whitetail's flight period: March - November

p.36 - Widow Skimmer's flight period: May - November

p.37 - Hoary Skimmer's flight period: April - October

p.38 - Bleached Skimmer's flight period: April - September

p.42 - Eastern Pondhawk's flight period: May - December

p.43 - Great Pondhawk's flight period: June - September

p.45 - Wandering Glider's flight period: January - December

p.46 - Filigree Skimmer's flight period: February - December

p.48 - Black Meadowhawk's flight period: June - October

p.49 - Plateau Dragonlet - flight period: March - December

p.50 - Hudsonian Whiteface size variations: 27 - 36 mm; flight period: May - September

p.51 - Crimson-ringed/Belted Whiteface's flight period: May - September

p.53 - Pale-faced Clubskimmer's flight period: March - December

p.54 - Change size lengths to 42 - 78 mm; # of SW Baskettails to 5

p.55 - Dot-winged Baskettail's flight period: March - July

p.60 - Blue-eyed Darner's flight period: February - December

p.62 - Sedge Darner's flight period: July - August

p.65 - Shadow Darner's flight period: July - November (found once in CA in Feb.)

p.68 - Lance-tipped Darner's flight period: August - September

p.72 - 9 SW genera, totaling 25 species; Ringtails - 6 species

p.74 - Gray Sanddragon's flight period: March - November

p.75 - Common Sanddragon's flight period: April - July

p.78 - Serpent Ringtail's flight period: May - November

p.80 - Brimstone Clubtail's flight period: May - November

p.82 - Sinuous Snaketail's flight period: March - August

p.89 - Apache Spiketail's flight period: April - October

p.91 - Change # of species of Pond Damsels to 62;
Change scientific name to Enallagma annexum

p.92 - Northern Bluet's flight period: March - November

p.94 - River Bluet's flight period: April - October

p.97 - Taiga Bluet's flight period: May - August

p.99 - California/Aztec Dancers' flight period: February - December

p.100 - Vivid Dancer's flight period: All year in South

p.101 -Springwater Dancer's flight period: March - January

p.103 - Tonto Dancer's flight period: May - October

p.104 - Violet Dancer's flight period: April - November

p.106 - Kiowa Dancer's flight period: March - December

p.107 - Paiute Dancer's flight period: February - December

p.108 - Amethyst Dancer's flight period: January - November

p.109 - Dusky Dancer's flight period: May - November

p.110 - Sooty Dancer's flight period: April - November

p.111 - Powdered Dancer's flight period: March - December

p.113 - Blue-ringed Dancer's flight period: February - December

p.118 - Western Red Damsel's flight period: April - October

p.120 - Rambur's Forktail's flight period: capable of flight all year

p.122 - Citrine Forktail's flight period: all year in the south

p.123 - Eastern/Mexican/Western Forktail's flight period: February - December

p.124 - Change species name on top (male) photo to read "Pacific" - it is NOT Plains

p.127 - Change # pond species to 10

p.129 - Spotted/Lyre-tipped Spreadwings's flight period: April - December

p.132 - California Spreadwing's flight period: June - December

p.136 - American Rubyspot's flight period: All year in South

Dust jacket - change Exclamation Damsels' flight period: March - September

p.98 correction (print and paste over) Double-striped Bluet lateral appendages:

p.126 correction (print and paste over) Pacific Forktail appendages:

p.130 correction (print and paste over) - Plateau Spreadwing top of page image.

Change text to read: male: broad dark stripe top of thorax, pale bluish side stripe wider near the head;

And please, if you find a dragonfly in a new area or flying out of its known season, report it so that updates can be made, not only to my own websites and books, but also to other people's who are maintaining other websites &/or are in the process of writing new dragonfly guides.


Happy Odeing! Kathy Biggs -- dba Azalea Creek Publishing email: azalea@sonic.net
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