San Francisco Forktail male scans

These scans of male San Francisco Forktails were made on March 30, 2003. The forktails were collected in both Sonoma and Marin counties on the Estero Americano, which is the boundary between the 2 counties. Specimens were collected on both sides of the boundary. The Forktails appeared to be breeding along a stretch of the Estero for at least 500 yds. where there is suitable habitat on both sides.
We put in at the bridge over Franklin School Rd. just west of the town of Valley Ford. The suitable habitat is about a half-hour paddle down towards the Pacific Ocean.
At the current time, this is the farthest north locality for the species. There is an old record from Bodega Bay, Westside Rd. from 1980 however that colony has not been relocated.

Large size .tiff copies of these images are available upon request from Kathy Biggs