Emergence of a Cardinal Meadowhawk

These photos were taken by Gloria Conley at her pond in Sebastopol, CA.
This is a compilation of the emergences of several different individuals, but the sequence portrays the events in the order they happen.

Larva emerges from the water and appears to scan surroundings, apparently looking for something tall to climb.

The nymph climbs up on a Parrot's Feather stem

Next it inflates itself with air, and splits its shell open. Here we see the new dragonfly emerging from the larval exoskeleton.

Expanding its wings on Mare's Tail.

Wings and body almost at full expansion.

The next thing is the new "teneral" dragonfly will fly away from the pond and spend approx. one week maturing to a point when its body is ready for mating.
Then it will be bright red in color.
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