California's Year 2006 Dragonfly Sightings
 TWO New Dragonfly species added to California list!111 species now 
See October 7-12 & October 21

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As of the most recent date below
104 species (out of 111 known species) have been reported to this site as flying in CA in 2006.
55 new county records and TWO STATE RECORDS &/or upgrades to county records have been made this year
(this # includes upgrades of previous 'sighting only' records, newly accessed museum collections and new reports of prior year's data).
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December 2006

December 31, 2006

Imperial County

Bob Miller

* Variegated Meadowhawks - two while walking the dunes! – last time reported in 2006


December 26, 2006

San Diego County

David Blue

Torrey Pines State Reserve, Yucca Point Trail, 0935, 64 degrees

Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum)  1


December 5, 2006
Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP
* Spotted Spreadwing Lestes congener  3  – last time reported in 2006               
* Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile  3  – last time reported in 2006                             
** * Arroyo Bluet Enallagma praevarum  1 (examined in hand)  – last time reported in 2006 & new late flight data               
* Pacific Forktail Ischnura cervula  1       – last time reported in 2006
** *Blue-eyed Darner  1  [new  late flight month; last report 2006 – kb]              
San Mateo County
John Hall, David Edwards
Skyline Ridge OSP
Horseshoe Lake
Pond Spreadwing, sp   1               
*Vivid Dancer Argia vivida 1  - last report 2006                
Paddle-tailed Darner Aeshna palmata 1 [would be a new flight month if documented, but there is a slight uncertainty, so everyone keep your eyes open ! – kb]   
December 2, 2006
Imperial County
Walking four to eight miles daily in the Imperial Sand Dunes here in eastern Imperial County.  
Have seen at least one every day and today there were four Variegated Meadowhawks
We are talking extreme last place you would think to look for dragons!
Monterey County 
Don Roberson and Rita Carratello
Carmel River mouth
Blue-eyed Darner 5, incl. perched andro female (photo'd)
* Common Green Darner Anax junius 2 (tandem in flight) – last date reported 2006
Laguna Grande Park, Monterey County
Pacific Forktail  1 male
Butte County
Bruce Deuel
Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
It was sunny, but with a cold north wind.
4 Common Green Darners, and 
2 Variegated Meadowhawks 
December 1, 2006 
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Sunol Regional Wilderness
* American Rubyspot Hetaerina americana  7  – last time reported in 2006                
** California Spreadwing  2 (males) - new late date for CA & all SW    – last time reported in 2006        
* Great Spreadwing Archilestes grandis  1  (female)    – last time reported in 2006             
Vivid Dancer  8   (1 tandem pair, 1 teneral)                    
Variegated Meadowhawk   4             
** Cardinal Meadowhawk  1   - new late date for CA & all SW – last time reported in 2006                   
Considering the cold nights and days recently the number of species
seen was a surprise. It was pleasantly warm in the sunshine. Much of
Alameda Creek is in shadow this time of year.
November 2006

November 26, 2006

Imperial County

Bob Miller

West Pond, Imperial Recreational Area

* Rambur’s Forktail Ischnura ramburii  ~10 – last report 2006

mystery damsel  1


November 24-25, 2006

Imperial County 
Don Roberson and Rita Carratello
We did visit the highline canal at east end of Sinclair Road on 24 Nov, and recorded these species:
** *Blue-ringed Dancer Argia sedula  2 ovipositing pairs (photos) – new late flight data & last date 2006 (11/24)
Familiar Bluet 3 males (ph)
Common Green Darner  2
Variegated Meadowhawk  6 males (ph)
We had several 
* Wandering Gliders Pantala flavescens in open fields along Sinclair Road [last report 2006], and 3 
Roseate Skimmer (2 m, 1 f) [last report 2006] at the headquarters of Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR on 24 Nov., and a couple more 
Roseate Skimmers, plus more Variegated Meadowhawks, were near the Alamo River mouth on 25 Nov.
The weather was cool and blustery each morning, but on 24 Nov had warmed into the 80s (F) by afternoon. Nothing like the diversity in Phoenix, but still pleasant.


November 24, 2006

Santa Barbara County

David Blue

Santa Ynez Recreation Area

** California Spreadwing  1  (late record for California and SW) – last time reported in 2006

** California Dancer Argia agrioides 1  (late record for California and SW, collected), last date for CA in 2006

Vivid Dancer  1


November 23, 2006

Santa Barbara County

David Blue

Santa Ynez Recreation Area

California Spreadwing  2

California/Aztec Dancer  3

Variegated Meadowhawk  1

Shasta County

Ray Bruun
* Shadow Darner Aeshna umbrosa - male.  Missed tying the late date by five days. (last date reported in 2005)
November 22, 2006

San Diego County

Doug Aguillard
Black Canyon Road near a small duck pond about a mile west of Mesa Grande Road in eastern San Diego County
**Cardinal Meadowhawks – possibly the same two seen a few weeks ago –new late date by 2 days

November 19, 2006

Imperial County

Bob Miller
Blue-eyed Darner – 1 flew by as he went out to see the Ross’s Gull.
Roseate Skimmers

November 18, 2006

Imperial County

David Blue

Imperial Wildlife Area Wister Unit

Variegated Meadowhawk  1

Roseate Skimmer  1 male

East Highline Canal (between McDonald and E Peterson Roads)

American Rubyspot  1

Familiar Bluet  30

Blue-ringed Dancer  20

Rambur's Forktail  1

Variegated Meadowhawk  1

Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge

Roseate Skimmer  1 male

Blue-ringed Dancer  4

Rambur's Forktail  1

Sunbeam Lake, El Centro

Familiar Bluet  4

Rambur's Forktail  12


November 17, 2006
San Diego County
David Blue
Mast Park
~unknown bluet  1 ...too far away to ID
Pacific Forktail  2
Common Green Darner  4
* Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  1 – last confirmed report 2006
Variegated Meadowhawk  1
Santee Lakes
Pacific Forktail  1
Common Green Darner  3


November 12, 2006

San Diego County

David Blue

Mission Trails Regional Park

Vivid Dancer  3

Lindo Lake

* Black-fronted Forktail Ischnura denticollis  5 – last report 2006

Common Green Darner  6

Variegated Meadowhawk  1

November 10, 2006
San Diego County
Doug Aguillard
Mesa Grande along Black Canyon Road at a wet drainage area next to an old duck pond
2 very bright male Cardinal Meadowhawks.
At Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego, I had one Blue-eyed Darner and one 
* Black Saddlebags (late-flight date record).


Imperial County

David Blue

Checked the Imperial Dam area. Nothing unusual, but lots of odes flying.

Sunbeam Lake - A quick stop

Familar Bluet  1

Rambur's Forktail  15

Roseate Skimmer  1 male along inlet stream to the north

Imperial Dam area, West Pond and canals to east and south - Very windy

American Rubyspot  12

Familiar Bluet  6

Blue-ringed Dancer  10

Rambur's Forktail  50

Common Green Darner  1

Blue-eyed Darner  3

Red-tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata  1 – last report 2006

Wandering Glider  2

Variegated Meadowhawk  2

November 5, 2006
San Luis Obispo County
Paul Johnson
Salinas River 1 mile SW Pozo
Clear, calm, 74F
American rubyspot - 20
CALIFORNIA SPREADWING Archilestes califoricum - 12 (positive ID on 8) Photo record  OC Record #7494 CA Chart #76
CALIFORNIA DANCER Argia agrioides  - 1 (collected, ID with microscope) OC Record #7495
California/Aztec dancer - 11
vivid dancer - 20
familiar bluet - 2 (tandem pair, male ID in hand)
arroyo bluet - 30 (5 ID in hand)
Pacific forktail - 3
black-fronted forktail - 1
* desert Firetail Telebasis salva – 4 – last date reported 2006
Walker's darner - 1 (patrolling male, probably this species) (would be last reported if documented)

San Diego County

David Blue

Pine Valley

Blue-eyed Darner  1

Lindo Lake

Tule/Arroyo Bluet  3

Pacific Forktail  3

Common Green Darner  12

* Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis  1

November 4, 2006
Solano County
Kathy and Dave Biggs, Don Roberson and Rita Carratello
Cold Canyon, near Lake Berryessa's  Monticello Dam.
Our plan was to look for Great Spreadwings as Andy Rehn had collected a male at this site 
last month and the Sonoma County site has not been productive. The weather was very 'iffy'.
We arrived at noon and hiked the 2/3rds mile in to where there was actually flowing water. 
It wasn't until Dave and Don had walked another quarter mile up in the creek bed (and Don 
was quite immersed in this business!) That one was finally found. It posed nicely for Don and I'm 
sure he'll be posting a page about this.
Rita and I couldn't get down to where they were, so we decided to find our own. And we did, 
we found an ovipositing pair. For the half hour or so that the sun shone, we continued to see Archilestes species.
Our species list.
California Spreadwing - several males seen; one examined in hand, pictures taken
Great Spreadwing - several pairs and single males, photographed
Damsel sp. - seen by Dave, probably a Vivid Dancer. Nymph of  probably this species found in creek
* Walker's Darner Aeshna walkerii - one or two males seen a few times, looking for a mate
Shadow Darner - one  or two males seen a few times, looking for a mate
Meadowhawk - 1 seen early on, undoubtedly a drab Variegated
Also found: American Rubyspot nymph were fairly abundant in the creek.
Ladybugs were forming masses on plant stems.
Photos at
October 2006
October 30, 2006
Sonoma County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Copeland Creek @ Lichau Rd.
We looked for Great Spreadwings.
We didn’t find any, or any other ode.
The weather was already changing (cooling) when we arrived.
We’re worried that the Jan. 1st flooding has destroyed this colony.
October 29, 2006
Santa Cruz County 
Paul G. Johnson
San Lorenzo River
(4 sites from Santa Cruz to Felton)
weather: cool, clear, calm
American rubyspot - 2 (m)
California spreadwing - 3
familiar bluet - 6
common green darner - 1
shadow darner - 2 (m,f)
meadowhawk sp. – 1
October 27, 2006
Alameda County
Doug Vaughan
Sunol Regional Wilderness - temperature was around 80 
… much of Alameda Creek was in shadows all afternoon 
American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) -- several males
California Spreadwing (Archilestes californica) -- 2 males, one collected
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) -- several, including two tandem pairs
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) -- 1 or 2
Walker's Darner (Aeshna walkeri) -- 2 or 3 presumed this sp, one collected
meadowhawk sp (Sympetrum sp) -- 2
October 23, 2006
Yuba County
Edward Whisler
Vineyard Creek,
While conducting biological surveys on private land, I noticed many dragonflies and damselfies still flying.  The area is rocky blue oak 
woodland with an intermittent stream (Vineyard Creek) with a large pond.  The site is NE of Beal AFB, between two fragments of Spenceville 
State Wildlife Area.  I couldn't stop long to ID many of the dragons.
Variegated Meadowhawk- 30+
Blue-eyed Darner 1
October 22, 2006
Santa Cruz County
William Hull (a visitor from Ohio)
Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz 
Bluet sp (30+) [They were everywhere along the small creek – given that I was in a small section 
of a fairly homogeneous habitat there must have been 100s of them in the area]
Common Green Darner (1)  
Monterrey County
Small pond on right side of Elkhorn Rd a little north of Kirby Park 
Bluet sp (5) 
Blue-eyed Darner (4-5) 
* Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata (1) - last report
Kirby Park
Blue-eyed Darner (2)
Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve - 
* Aeshna palmata (Paddle-tailed Darner) OC Record #7490 –last date reported 2006 
PHOTO RECORD CA Chart #29 (since he is out of state, using a shared # here)
Photos at 
Mosaic darner sp (4-6) [These may all have been Paddle-tailed Darners 
but other than the one noted as such I could not confirm.  They were not Blue-eyed Darners.]
Imperial County
Doug Aguillard
McKinley Road, near West Pond
*Plateau Dragonlet Erythrodiplax basifusca  - late date for CA ;-) 

October 21, 2006

Imperial County

David Blue

Sunbeam Lake - A quick stop

Blue-ringed Dancer  3

Familiar Bluet  1

Rambur's Forktail  12

Variegated Meadowhawk  1

Imperial Dam area, West Pond - Very windy

Blue-ringed Dancer  2

Rambur's Forktail  4

Common Green Darner  6

Blue-eyed Darner  4

* White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus  1 – last date reported 2006

Red-tailed Pennant  1

Another new Dragonfly species added to California list:

*Plateau Dragonlet Erythrodiplax basifusca 1 (male photographed on McKinley Road near West Pond, N 32 52.942 W 114 28.985) – OC Record #7480

This will be the early date for CA for this species

* Mexican Amberwing Perithemis intensa  1 – last report

Wandering Glider  6

Black Saddlebags  2


Monterrey County

Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Pleyto Cemetery arm of Lake San Antonio in south MTY
The lake level was very high and there were still many odes about, even if limited to a couple of species. 
Swarms of  * Tule Bluets Enallagma carunculatum  (last date reported 2006) were actively mating and ovipositing on the shoreline edge; ditto Pacific Forktail. 
And, remarkably, 3 males and a female California Spreadwing Archilestes californicus were present within a very small area. OC Record #7491 
Photos are now at
San Mateo County 
William Hull (a visitor from Ohio)
Coyote Point 
Saw one smaller sized dragon from the car but could not find once out of the car 
Alpine Pond, Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, San Mateo County 
Pacific Forktail (1m) 
California Spreadwing (7, including two pairs in tandem) 
California/Aztec Dancer (2m) 
Bluet sp (1m) 
Common Green Darner (1) 
Mosaic darner sp (3) 
* Striped Meadowhawk Sympetrum pallipes (4)  - last report
Horseshoe Lake, Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, San Mateo County 
Blue-eyed Darner (2) 
Mosaic darner sp (4)  [May be more Blue-eyeds but did not get good enough looks] 
Striped Meadowhawk (30+) [The ditch under the little bridge by the lake was full of
Variegated Meadowhawk (1 – seen just as I was going to give up on this species!)

October 20, 2006

Imperial County

Bob Miller
Imperial Valley and along the shores of the Salton Sea, roughly bounded by Niland, Calipatria and the Salton Sea.  
Noted the bugs along the way!  Had several near the Salton Sea that I suspect were "good" as in not being of the typical common ones seen elsewhere this day, 
but they were traveling and could not catch up to one.
In no particular order:
Familiar Bluet (2)
Blue-ringed Dancer (1)
* Desert Forktail Ischnura barberi (~15) – last repot 2006
Rambur's Forktail (~10)
Common Green Darner (~10)
Blue-eyed Darner (~10)
Roseate Skimmer (3)
* Red Saddlebags (1)  (Not Striped!!  :-(  - new late flight data by 4 days &  last repot 2006
Black Saddlebags (6)
Wandering Glider (~30)
Siskiyou County 
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Our McCloud home’s pond’s first identifiable Ode:
Familiar Bluet – one male found floating on surface (it had been 29 that morning) and being eaten by a backswimmer!
Contra Costa County
Chris Heaivilin 
Mt. Diablo, Pine Pond
California Spreadwing - a willow tree full of them
October 15, 2006
Solano County 
Andy Rehn 
Cold Canyon 
* Great Spreadwing Archilestes grandis – 1 m collected  - last repot 2006
October 12, 2006
Imperial County 
Doug Aguillard
Imperial Dam Recreation Area, West Pond
Common Green Darner (12+)
Blue-eyed Darner
Black Saddlebags
*STRIPED SADDLEBAGS (2) – new late flight date ;-) 
Blue Dasher (3+)
Rambur's Forktail (3)
Holtville Hot Springs, Imperial County
Common Green Darner
Blue-eyed Darner
Roseate Skimmer
Blue Dasher
Western Pondhawk (3)
Variegated Meadowhawk (2)
Wandering Glider (20+), they were feeding on a Gnat swarm.
American Rubyspot (4)
Rambur's Forktail (10)
Sunbeam Lake, Imperial County (very windy)
Mexican Amberwing (2)
Blue-ringed Dancer (5)
Familiar Bluet (4)
Rambur's Forktail (7)
Ed Lam
Red-tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata 


October 7-12

Imperial County
CA/SW Ode Blitz Team: Doug Aguillard & Pat, Kathy & Dave Biggs, Ray Bruun, Paul Johnson, Ed Lam, Bob Miller, Rod Miller 
New Dragonfly species added to California list!
*Striped Saddlebags, Tramea calverti, males and females seen and photographed at CA 2006 Ode Blitz (early flight date Oct. 7
North side of West Pond near Imperial Dam
N 32.52.739 W 114.28.648
1.           Common Green Darner 
2.           Blue-eyed Darner
3.           White-belted Ringtail
4.           *Russet-tipped Clubtail Stylurus plagiatus - new late flight data, seen on Oct 11 by Ed Lam
5.           Red-tailed Pennant Brachymesia furcata 
6.           **Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga Mendaxspecimen record, tied old late date of Oct. 9 OC Record #7465
7.           Western Pondhawk
8.           **Marl Pennant Macrodiplax balteata upgrade of prior photo record to specimen record- new late flight data of Oct 9 OC Record #7535
9.           Roseate Skimmer
10.        Blue Dasher 
11.        Flame Skimmer
12.        Wandering Glider
13.        Mexican Amberwing
14.        Variegated Meadowhawk
15.        Black Saddlebags
16.        *Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta 
*Striped Saddlebags, Tramea calverti - new Record for the state * early flight data 10/7) OC Record #7470
18.        American Rubyspot
19.        *Powdered Dancer Argia moesta
20.        Blue-ringed Dancer  
21.        **Double-striped Bluet Enallagma basidensnew late flight data of Oct. 8 (a whole month later!)
22.        Familiar Bluet
23.        **Citrine Forktail – new late flight data by one month & 3 days!
24.        Rambur’s Forktail

October 6, 2006
Riverside County

Kathy and Dave Biggs (en route to Blitz)
San Andres Oasis, Dos Palmas (4.6 miles from hwy 111, take Parkside Rd; 1:00-2:20; 83 degrees

Dave and I stopped at Dos Palmas, on the NE side of the Salton Sea onour way down. It was only

83 out when we arrived there at 1 pm, and there was a slight breeze, however we didn't have too much time to spare
(had car troubles en route) so only visited the palm oasis nearest the parking area. Our report:
Common Green Darner - several
Aeshna/Rhionaeschna sp.- a few
Red-tailed Pennant - 4 males, all young and not yet red
Western Pondhawk - 5 males and 2 females
**Comanche Skimmer Libellula comanche - 1 male - new late flight data
Flame Skimmer -
1 male
Roseate Skimmer -
*Spot-winged Glider-
Variegated Meadowhawk
- many
Black Saddlebags -
California Dancer -
one pair in hand ID

**Paiute Dancer  Argia alberta – many - new late flight data by 4 wks
Blue-ringed Dancer - many
Vivid Dancer - 1+
Bluet sp. - 1
Rambur's Forktail – some

Desert Forktail – one male

October 5, 2006
Imperial County
Paul Johnson and Ray Bruun (en route to Blitz)
Salt Creek? (Hwy 111, ~9 miles N Bombay Beach)
black-fronted forktail - 6
Rambur's forktail - 2
desert forktail - many
blue-ringed dancer - 1
variegated meadowhawk - 1
roseate skimmer - 1 (m)
blue-eyed darner - ~10 (1 ID in hand)
common green darner - 2
Salton Sea, Wister Unit, pond near north end of unit
wandering glider - 1
red saddlebags - 1
black saddlebags - 1
roseate skimmer - 1 (f)
blue dasher - 2
blue-eyed darner - ~5
common green darner - 1
All American Canal, ~1 mile SW Senator Wash Rd.
American rubyspot - 5
powdered dancer - ~200
blue-ringed dancer - ~50
familiar bluet - 5
Rambur's forktail - 5
common green darner - 5
white-belted ringtail - 2
russet-tipped clubtail - 1-3
blue dasher - 1
black saddlebags - 5
variegated meadowhawk - 2
wandering glider - 1


October 1, 2006

Shasta County
Ray Bruun
Nora Lake
I went to Nora Lake in hopes of photographing California Spreadwing in wheel. 
Didn't see any mating activity, though there were 15 to 20 California Spreadwings sighted. 
Also had 
small spreadwing (Spotted? - 1), 
Striped Meadowhawk (common), 
Shadow Darner (~10), and 
Wandering Glider (1). 
September 2006

September 30, 2006

Shasta County

Ray Bruun

Table Mountain, Lassen Park (6630 feet) at the northwest corner of Lassen Park.

There is a permanent pond at the top of the mountain. It's not very wide or deep this time of year but it has odes.

Striped meadowhawk

* White-faced meadowhawk Sympetrum obtrusum  - last report

* Western meadowhawk Sympetrum occidentalis – last report 2006

* Variable Darner Aeshna interruptalast time reported in 2006

Spotted Spreadwing

* Northern Spreadwing Lestes disjunctuslast time reported in 2006

Pacific Forktail

Tule Bluet


Colusa County

Kathy and Dave Biggs

Maxwell Rest Stop/I-5

Wandering Glider – 1

Black Saddlebags - 2


September 24 & 28, 2006
Siskiyou County

Kathy and Dave Biggs; Harry Conley

Mt. Shasta Forest, McCloud

We put in a pond on our property near the corner of Echo Way and Esperanza. It is not quite filled yet.

The very first day a darner of some type swooped down, dipped his legs in the water and then flew off.

What surprised us however, was a Bluet of some type flying in on the 3rd day of filling the pond, and making a short trip around the edge before it flew off.

This is a very dry area and the nearest water is a mile away!


September 25, 2006
Shasta County
Ray Bruun
Nora Lake 
Northern Spreadwing - about 20 individuals, two or three of which were female.  
Spotted Spreadwings - some males
Aeshna darners, presumably Shadow, males were pretty common. 
Vivid Dancers - a few immature, 
Striped Meadowhawks - about ten; most, if not all, were female. 
Variegated Meadowhawk - one female
September 24, 2006
San Luis Obispo County
Paul Johnson 
Lopez Lake, Wittenberg arm, where creek flows into lake.
0845-1300, 65-75F, calm to windy, clear
tule bluet -- ~12 (ID in hand)
familiar bluet -- ~6 (ID in hand)
vivid dancer -- 1
* Western forktail Ischnura perparva – 6 – last report 2006
Pacific forktail -- 8
desert firetail -- 4
common green darner -- ~12
mosaic darner -- ~8 (blue-eyed?)
cardinal meadowhawk -- ~6
variegated meadowhawk -- 2
striped meadowhawk -- 4 (photo, county record)
black saddlebags -- ~10
wandering glider -- 2
Upper Salinas River 1.5 km SW Pozo
1500-1630, clear, windy, 77F
American rubyspot -- 7
vivid dancer -- 4
Aeshna walkeri (Walker's Darner) -- 3-5 (2 ID in hand) PHOTO RECORD CA chart #76; OC Record #7401 
Sympetrum pallipes (Striped Meadowhawk)   PHOTO RECORD   CA CHART # 76; OC Record #7400
Monterey County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Carmel River mouth
Black Saddlebags -
September 23, 2006
Siskiyou County
Dave Payne 
I finally got to spend a day at home and enjoy the first day of fall watching the ode 
activity around the backyard pond. Here is what I saw today.
California Spreadwings - a couple of males and one pair in wheel that ended up
ovipositing on the emergent veg scattered about the pond.The female is quite flexible, 
bending the abdomen at the end of the second segment 
and placing her ovipositor between her legs to "drill" the plant stalks. Quite fun to watch 
with close focus binos.
Striped Meadowhawk - one male perched on veg around the pond. A pair in wheel 
flying about the lawn. I didn't observe them ovipositing today, but have seen Striped 
Meadowhawks oviposit on the grass in the past.
Paddle-Tailed Darner - several males sparring for "airspace". One returned and 
patrolled most of the afternoon. One female was observed ovipositing on emergent 
plants and scoping out other suitable sites. She even 
landed on my arm and probed my forearm with her ovipositor! I did a bit of pond
maintenance and discovered a wee little dragonfly
nymph. I'm guessing either a Cardinal Meadowhawk or Flame Skimmer, based on who I
have seen ovipositing this summer.
San Luis Obispo County
Paul Johnson 
Upper Lopez Creek at its confluence with Big Falls Creek.
Late afternoon, clear, calm, mostly shaded
American rubyspot -- 2
Blue-eyed darner -- 1 (female, photo))
Aeshna walkeri (Walker's Darner) -- 3-5 (ID in hand) PHOTO RECORD CA Chart #76 OC Record #7399
September 21, 2006
Mono County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
DeChambeau Pond north of Mono Lake
11:00-12:00;  62 degree temp.
Aeshna sp. – a few
Striped Meadowhawk - many
Variegated Meadowhawk - some
Boreal Bluet – 1 m, in hand ID
Black-fronted Forktail – 1 teneral male, 1 mature female
Northern Spreadwinga few
Spotted Spreadwing – 1-2 males on vegetation near ponds
Fales Hot Springs Creek Highway 108
1:45 – 2:00 pm 70 degrees
* River Bluet Enallagma anna6+ males – last time reported in 2006
Alpine County
Mosquito Lakes
Variable Darner – 1 male in hand ID
Aeshna sp – 2 others
White-faced Meadowhawk – 4+ males
Lestes Spreadwing sp. – 1 male, probably Spotted
Santa Clara County
John Sterling
Steven's Creek
* San Francisco Forktail Ischnura gemina – male photo taken – last date reported 2006
September 20, 2006
Mono County
Kathy and Dave Biggs; Barbara Oriti
Vivid Dancer – 1 teneral female
Bluet – 1 female
Flame Skimmer – I m
Meadowhawk sp. – 2-3
Twin Lakes @ Mammoth
Bluet sp.
Paddletail &/or Shadow Darner – watched one male repeatedly try to pull an ovipositing female off a wet log. 5-6 males and females seen.
September 19, 2006
Inyo County
Kathy and Dave Biggs; Ron and Barbara Oriti
Farmer Pond near Hwy 6
Familiar Bluet
Aeshna sp.  
Common Green Darner
Variegated Meadowhawk Black Saddlebags (Dave caught it with his fingers – it must have been sleeping!)
Warm Springs Artisan Well
Pacific Forktail
Possibly a Black-fronted Forktail
Paddle-tailed Darner – probably this species
Variegated Meadowhawk
Fish Slough
Spreadwing sp.
Aeshna Sp.
Common Green Darner
Variegated Meadowhawk (Ron caught it with his fingers – maybe things are old and tired!)
Striped Meadowhawk
Black Saddlebags
Monterey County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello (
Laguna Grande Park, Seaside
** * Libellula pulchella (Twelve-spotted Skimmer) PHOTO RECORD CA CHART # 29 OC Record #7386 – last report 2006 & new late flight data by a month!
September 18, 2006
Mono County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Siesta Lake, 8000 ft, 61 degrees 11:30-11:45
Northern Spreadwing - ~2 dozen
** Western Red Damsel Amphiagrion abbreviatum  – 1 male – last time reported in 2006, new late flight data by 6 days
Aeshna sp. (Variable?) - ~10
* Eight-spotted Skimmer Libellula forensis  – 1 – last report
Dana Pond ~9500 ft. 63 degrees, 1:15-1:35
Striped Meadowhawk – 2 pairs in cop
Aeshna sp. – 2 m
September 17, 2006
Monterey County
Paul Johnson
Piney Creek to 3/4 mile below bridge on Arroyo Seco Rd.
1315-1700, calm, clear, 82F
American rubyspot -- ~8
vivid dancer -- ~25
arroyo bluet -- 1 (male)(examined in hand)
Walker's darner -- 3-4 (males)(examined 1 in hand)
* Pacific spiketail -- 2-3 (males) last report
Shasta County
Ray and Steven Bruun
Reflection Lake 
There was a lot of odonate activity, mostly 
* Saffron-winged Meadowhawks Sympetrum costiferum   [last date reported]
and Paddle-tailed & Variable darners.  Steven found me a couple of ovipositing female 
darners which I was able to photograph and (hopefully) identify.
Mariposa County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Yosemite Valley Floor
Striped Meadowhawk – many, mostly females seen in the meadows  
Santa Barbara County
Adam Lewis
His yard in Goleta
* red rock skimmer Paltothemis lineatipes  – 1 male photographed, last report 
September 16, 2006
Inyo County 
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello 
Amargosa River at Tecopa plus a new pond complex in Tecopa town under construction (a small
park near the post office). At the Amargosa River, we did not go too far from the highway crossing. 
It was rather cool for the desert (maybe 78-80F) and windy. Time: 1200-1320
California Dancer 3 (photo review of tori)
Calif/Aztec Dancer 6
Familiar Bluet 70 (all photos review'd to date are this sp)
Desert Forktail 35
Common Green Darner 1 m
Blue-eyed Darner 4
White-belted Ringtail 1 (photo'd)
Flame Skimmer 1
Variegated Meadowhawk 20, inc. tandem ovipositing in the 'park'
glider, sp  1
Shasta County 
Ray Bruun 
Lake McCumber and environs.
Glider sp. (Wandering?) - several
Variegated Meadowhawk - 1 young female
Western Meadowhawk - several males
Striped Meadowhawk - abundant
Meadowhawk sp. -  1 (probably White-faced)
Common Green Darner - common
Aeshna sp. - 2
Spreadwing sp. - 2 (probably Spotted)
Tule Bluet - at least two males IDed plus several other males and some 
females that were probably also Tule
Pacific Forktail - several females
Pix at:
Mariposa County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Hwy 120 @ temporary bridge across Merced River
# Common Green Darner - 15 counted in 10 minute stop there, and every one of them was heading UPSTREAM on the  Merced River!!
September 15, 2006
Alpine County
John Hall, David Edwards 
Indian Creek Reservoir and adjacent Stevens Lake (elev. 5,600')
Sunny, windy and cool
Tule Bluet 15   (1 in-hand)                       
Familiar Bluet Enallagma civile -  2  (new county record- specimen) chart #81  OC# Record #7369
Bluet, sp  2                           
Pacific Forktail  5                   
Western Forktail  5                   
Mosaic Darner,sp  4                   
Saffron-winged Meadowhawk  1          
White-faced Meadowhawk 2              
Striped Meadowhawk  16      
Contra Costa County
Doug Vaughan
Pt. Pinole Regional Shoreline
Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens (new county record- SIGHITNG ONLY) chart #40       
September 14, 2006
Alpine County
John Hall, David Edwards
Curtz Lake (elev. 6, 300'?)
Very windy but mostly sunny conditions, cool)
Spotted Spreadwing  5                 
Mosaic Darner,sp  10                   
Blue-eyed Darner  1                   
Blue Dasher  1  (new county record-sighting only) White-faced
Meadowhawk  1             
Striped Meadowhawk  80                 
Heenan Lake (elev. 7,083')
Cloudy and windy, quite cool
Boreal Bluet  12                        
Striped Meadowhawk  2     
September 13, 2006
El Dorado County
John Hall, David Edwards
Grass Lake (elev.7,715')
Mostly cloudy conditions
Northern Spreadwing  2                
Mosaic Darner,sp  5                   
* Black Meadowhawk Sympetrum danae  1500    - last report               
White-faced Meadowhawk  50             
Alpine County
Hope Valley (intersection Hwy 88/Blue Lakes Road, elev. 7,130')
Mostly sunny and warm
Spotted Spreadwing  10                 
Northern Spreadwing   30               
Variegated Meadowhawk  1              
Black Meadowhawk   4                  
White-faced Meadowhawk  80             
Striped Meadowhawk  15                 
Western Meadowhawk  20   
Butte County
Tim Manolis
De Sabla Reservoir
*  * Autumn Meadowhawk (Sympetrum vicinum) - a couple of males (one immature, one mature)  ONLY SIGHTING 2006
September 11, 2006
Fresno County
Paul Johnson
Arroyo Leona and Cantua Creek
1045-1915, 86-91F, clear, breezy
American rubyspot -- ~100+
California spreadwing -- 5
California dancer -- 1 (examined in hand)
CA/aztec dancer -- ~80+
* lavendar dancer – 7 – last time reported in 2006
* sooty dancer -- ~30 – last time reported in 2006
vivid dancer - ~100+
tule bluet -- 2 (examined in hand)
familiar bluet -- ~12 (examined in hand)  
* northern bluet -- 4 (examined in hand) – last time reported in 2006
black-fronted forktail -- ~50+
desert firetail -- ~10
comm. green darner -- ~5
* giant darner Anax walsinghami -- 1 PHOTO RECORD CA CHART # 76 OC Record #7370 – also last date reported 2006
blue-eyed darner -- 2 (probably - habitat)
Walker's darner -- 1 (ID by habitat/behavior)
variegated meadowhawk -- ~20
flame skimmer -- ~4
red rock skimmer -- ~12
pale-faced clubskimmer -- 2
black saddlebags -- 3
wandering glider -- ~10
spot-winged glider – 1
Santa Barbara County
Adam Lewis
His Goleta backyard
Great Spreadwing – 1 male
September 10, 2006
San Benito County
Steve Rovell and RJ Adams
San Felipe Lake in northern San Benito County  
Only odes to speak of were all common, and several of each were seen:
Common Green Darner
Blue-eyed Darner
Black Saddlebags
Variegated Meadowhawk
There were no damsels whatsoever, although we didn't check most of the lake.
Santa Clara County
Paul Johnson
Lake Ranch Rsvr., Sanborn County Park
1300-1430, calm, clear, ~80F
bluet sp. -- 1
vivid dancer -- 2
Lestes spreadwing sp. -- 1
Pacific forktail -- ~50
desert firetail -- 3
mosaic darner -- ~25
common green darner -- ~5
Pacific spiketail -- 1-3
cardinal meadowhawk -- 2
striped meadowhawk -- ~20
flame skimmer -- 2
black saddlebags -- ~2
Western pondhawk -- ~5
blue dasher -- ~10
September 9, 2006
Monterey County
Don Roberson &/or Rita Carratello
The Indians area of Los Padres National Forest 
This can only be reached via Ft. Hunter-Liggett. The latter is now a very tight military base with tanks and cannons parked 
throughout the oak savanna. I had hoped for a bit of freedom on reaching to National Forest, but as soon as I crossed the border in 
felt like being under attack. KABOOM! KABOOM!  Everywhere I stopped KABOOM. I stopped a forest service maintenance guy: "Today's the start 
of squirrel hunting season," he says. "This is public land and they're just varmints." I'm pretty sure he was talking about the squirrels, but 
I thought the real varmints were the hunters. BOOM, KA-BOOM everywhere. Very unsettling.
North Fork, San Antonio River  noon-2 pm, 85 degrees F, calm
California Dancer 15 (i.d. on photos)
* Emma's Dancer Argia emma 10 – last time reported in 2006, new late flight data by 9 days
Sooty Dancer 25
Vivid Dancer 25
Western Forktail 1 m
Common Green Darner 3
Walker's Darner 2
Flame Skimmer 2
Red Rock Skimmer 2
I spent at least an hour trying to photograph the Walker's Darner, a new species for me, and have some okay but not great flight pics that 
will be posted eventually. Paul Johnson had explained its behavior to me, and this really helped in finding it. Unlike other darners that 
cruise over and patrol ponds and streams, Walker's pokes along the edges, checking every nook and cranny for females, again and again.
I spent another hour or so along a small spring-fed rivulet through oak savanna along the trail to Wagon Caves. This is a small tributary of 
Rattlesnake Creek, I think, that I'll call
"Wagon Cave Creeklet" 2-3:30 pm, 80 degrees F, calm
Vivid Dancer 10
Calif Dancer 3
Tule Bluet 4
Northern Bluet 2 (one captured and i.d.'d in hand with lens)
Walker's Darner 1
Pacific Spiketail 1 or 2 males
Flame Skimmer 1
Cardinal Meadowhawk 3
Striped Meadowhawk 1
Most shocking, the one or two male Spiketails landed! They were several hundred yards apart, but could be the same one, I suppose, but they 
landed right next to me for photos.  For both of you that have looked at my other web pages on Odonata, you may recall a recent page with 
pics of a very unexpectly perched female.  To this I now add a page with pics of unexpectly perched males. It is at
Shasta County
Ray Bruun
Baum/Crystal Lakes and Shingletown Meadow
Went out to photograph today; not much flying.  
One Libellula skimmer (12-spot?) and a couple of Striped Meadowhawks, several darners of three types (Common Green actually lots of these—
Blue-eyed, and Aeshna sp.), and a few species of damsel (Tule Bluet, Pacific Forktail, Western Forktail).
Pix up at:
Siskiyou County
Dave Payne, Kathy & Dave Biggs; many observers
Klamath River @ Happy Camp & nearby pond
Northern Bluets - netted and shown to curious folks
Emma's Dancer - netted and shown to more curious folks
Striped Meadowhawk - flying about the park lawn, also netted
Aeshna sp.- a few were flying over the pond but too far away for id. 
One patrolled a few feet from our dragons and damsels display all afternoon.
September 8, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Sunol Regional Wilderness
Alameda Creek
10:45 - 15:45
23 species
American Rubyspot 15                   
California Dancer  40                  
Emma's Dancer  8                      
Sooty Dancer  180                       
Vivid Dancer  100                       
Tule Bluet  1                         
Familiar Bluet  1                     
Bluet,sp   5                          
Northern Bluet  28                     
Arroyo Bluet   2                      
Pacific Forktail  4                   
Western Forktail                   
*Exclamation Damsel  1 male (new late date)                 
Walker's Darner  2                    
Mosaic Darner,sp   20                  
Common Green Darner  13                
Blue-eyed Darner  3                   
Western Pondhawk   2                  
Flame Skimmer   5                     
Blue Dasher                        
Red Rock Skimmer 2                    
Variegated Meadowhawk  13              
Cardinal Meadowhawk  4                
Striped Meadowhawk  3                 
Black Saddlebags  3       
September 4, 2006
Fresno County
Paul G. Johnson
Arroyo Leona and Cantua Creek (W of Hwy 5)
1230-1630, ~95F, clear, slight breeze
American rubyspot - ~30
CA spreadwing - 2
CA dancer - ~10
Calif/Aztec Dancers - ~300
sooty dancer - ~70
Emma's dancer - ~30
lavender dancer Argia hinei - ~8 –new county record – PHOTO CA chart#76; OC Record #7346
Vivid Dancer - ~12
bluet sp. - 1?
mosaic darner - 1
common green darner - 2
pale face clubskimmer - 1
flame skimmer - ~6
red rock skimmer - ~15
variegated meadowhawk - ~4
black saddlebags - 1
wandering glider – 1
A fanciful web page on the Lavender Hill Man is now up at
Shasta County
Ray Bruun
I went to Nora Lake in search of California Spreadwing which have 
been easy to find there in the past.  I didn't seen any at all.  The 
lake was very high which may be influencing the number of odes; there 
were very few flying.  I managed to photograph some in the woods near 
the lake.
Northern/Boreal Bluet – male
Twelve-spotted Skimmer – female
Variegated Meadowhawk - male
September 3, 2006
Shasta County
Ray Bruun
Reflection Lake 
Saffron-winged Meadowhawks – many, pairs
White-faced Meadowhawk -  male
Paddle-tailed darners
Western Forktail, male
Monterey County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
A wander through Garrapata State Park, Monterey County, produced an 
unexpected spiked cocktail. Conversation over cocktails, enhanded with 
photos, is at
Pacific Spiketail – 1 young female
Vivid Dancers
Black Saddlebags
September 1, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards 
Anthony Chabot Regional Park
We tried Chabot for the second time after finding Sunol closed.
We parked at the Proctor Staging area just south of the Golf Course on Redwood Road.
It is a fairly long hilly walk to get to the lake area (Honker Bay).
There is also a pond (enclosed by a high fence) at the golf course that we checked out. 
Spotted Spreadwing  1                 
California Dancer                  
Vivid Dancer  10                       
California/Aztec Dancer            
Tule Bluet  4                         
Familiar Bluet  1                     
Bluet,sp 2                            
Arroyo Bluet  1                       
Pacific Forktail   5                  
Mosaic Darner,sp  35                   
Common Green Darner                
Blue-eyed Darner  10                   
* Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa  2   - last report                   
Flame Skimmer  20                      
Blue Dasher  5                        
Striped Meadowhawk  2                 
Black Saddlebags  15        
San Mateo County
Karen DeMello 
Sausal Pond at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve near Portola Valle
There was abundant ode activity, but not much diversity in species:
Common Green Darners (many pairs in tandem ovipositing)
Black Saddlebags (several pairs in tandem flying all over the place)
Flame Skimmers galore
Blue Dashers
Sonoma County
Kathy and Dave Biggs; Gloria & Harry Conley 
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond
Western Forktail – a few
Blue-eyed Darner – constant activity, males chasing each other
Shadow Darner – a few, a female ovipositing
Cardinal Meadowhawk – one pair, ovipositing
August 2006


August 28, 2006
Contra Costa County
Doug Vaughan & Doris Kresmere 
We made what will likely be the season's last visit to the Maricich and Sindicich Lagoons at 
Briones yesterday. Diversity and numbers were down, but bluets were finally present in good numbers; 
they have been scarce much of the summer. Also notable was the complete absence of species that were 
the most conspicuous at Sunol's ponds three days earlier -- Flame Skimmer, Widow Skimmer, Com. Whitetail, 
Blue Dasher -- despite broadly similar habitats. Nor did we see any gliders (which, incidentally, we saw swarming overhead at the free 
SF Shakespeare performance Sunday afternoon at Oakland's Lake Merritt).
Here's the list:
Spotted Spreadwing (Lestes congener)
N. Spreadwing (L. disjunctus)
Tule/Arroyo Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum/praevarum) -- fairly common
Familiar Bluet (E. civile) -- 2 in hand, among few "mostly blue" bluets
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula)
W. Forktail (I. perparva)
Desert Firetail (Telebasis salva) -- 1 or 2 males
Com. Green Darner (Anax junius)
Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor)
Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) -- the "common" meadowhawk on this visit
Cardinal Meadowhawk (S. illotum) -- only 1 or 2
Striped Meadowhawk (S. pallipes) -- 1 male
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)
August 27, 2006
Sacramento County
Dave and Kathy Biggs
American River, Sacramento
We drove to Sacramento today (~2 hrs) to escape the fog here in Sebastopol, and Tim Manolis helped us find our first Calif. lifer in many a year: the 
* Olive Clubtail (last report 2006). 
We found it near his home, along the American River. There were tons of 
Wandering Gliders about, quite a few 
Variegated Meadowhawks, some 
Widow Skimmers (many young males), 
* Common Whitetails, - last report
Black Saddlebags, 
Flame Skimmers, and a lone 
Blue Dasher was seen, along with 
Familiar Bluets and
a lone 
Vivid Dancer.
Shasta County
Ray Bruun
I took my first trip to Carnaz Lake (Shasta County).
Pictures at:
[13 species]
Saffron-winged Meadowhawk - ~dozen
White-faced Meadowhawk - several
Western Meadowhawk - ~10
Striped Meadowhawk - many
Aeshna spec. - several
Common Green Darner - several
Blue-eyed Darner - 1
Spotted Spreadwing - many
Northern Spreadwing - many
Tule Bluet - one confirmed, several bluets seen
Familiar Bluet - one confirmed, several bluets seen
Pacific Forktail - one immature female
Western Forktail - 20-30
August 26/27, 2006
Monterey County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Arroyo Seco River
We went in search of Giant Darner Anax walsinghami, with some success. CA CHART #29; OC Record #7303
Story and photos at
[upgrade to photo record from prior sighting only record – kb]
American Rubyspots
Emma’s Dancers
Sooty Dancers
August 26, 2006
Imperail County
Doug Aguillard
Went chasing a Piping Plover (a rare bird) at the south end of the Salton Sea, and then started to hunt for Odes. Besides the usual suspects of Mexican Amberwings,
White-belted Ringtails, Roseate Skimmers, Western Pondhawks, and Blue Dashers, I also refound Paul Johnson's Double-striped Bluet(s) at Sunbeam Lake in 
Seeley. This an incredible find, and I missed them the last time I went looking after Paul initial sighting. There was also many Blue-ringed Dancers, Familiar Bluets, 
and Desert Forktails at Sunbeam. Pictures of the Double-stripped Bluets are at
August 25, 2006
Alameda County
Doug Vaughan 
Sunol Regn Wilderness
I spent some time at Sunol Regional Wilderness, this afternoon, first along a short stretch of Alameda Creek near 
the Camp Ohlone Road bridge, then, with "guide services" and transportation generously provided by staff naturalist Katie Colbert, 
at several ponds. Most of the ponds we visited looked rather barren, with little or no emergent vegetation at the fringes and showing 
evidence of heavy cattle use, but a couple had a good deal of aquatic vegetation or algae, and numbers of anisopterans were much higher than 
along the creek. In any event, the ponds offered a glimpse of very different habitat from the lush riparian habitat of Alameda Creek.
Along Alameda Creek:
Am. Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) -- abundant
Calif. Dancer (Argia agrioides) -- few seen, 1 in hand
Emma's Dancer (A. emma)
Sooty Dancer (A. lugens) -- abundant
Vivid Dancer (A. vivida) -- abundant
bluets sp. (Enallagma sp.) -- scarce
mosaic darner (Aeshna sp.) -- 1 or 2 along the creek; appeared  not be be Blue-eyed Darners
At the ponds:
Vivid Dancer
Tule/Arroyo bluets (Enallagma carunculatum/praevarum) -- fairly numerous at one pond
Familiar Bluet (E. civile) -- 1 in hand; "mostly blue" bluets relatively scarce
W. Forktail (Ischnura perparva)
Desert Firetail (Telebasis salva) -- only 1, apparently a victim of predation, as photographs show a couple of terminal segments missing; 
no specimen of this species for Alameda County
Com. Green Darner (Anax junius)
meadowhawk sp. (Sympetrum sp.)
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis)
Com. Whitetail (Plathemis lydia)
Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa) -- only 1; still no specimen for Alameda County
Flame Skimmer (L. saturata) -- the most numerous anisopteran
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata)
San Benito County
Paul Johnson
Laguna Creek, approximately 2 miles upstream of Coalinga Road.
blue damsels - ~12
lavender dancer - 5 (3m, 1 mating pair)(I only positively identified the pair, so there is a
possibility that the others may have been Emma's dancer, which I have not seen here before.)
*Walker's darner Aeshna walkeri - ~17 (2f, ~15m)(I did not catch any
of these for positive ID, but their behavior is distinctive)
blue-eyed darner - ??
flame skimmer - 5
August 24, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area
* Black Spreadwing Lestes stultus 1   – – last time reported in 2006    
California Dancer  70                  
Tule Bluet  2                         
Familiar Bluet  3                     
Bluet,sp   8                          
Arroyo Bluet  2                       
Pacific Forktail  6                   
Mosaic Darner,sp   70                  
Common Green Darner  20                
Blue-eyed Darner  50                   
Western Pondhawk   3                  
Widow Skimmer                      
Flame Skimmer  60                      
Blue Dasher  12                        
Variegated Meadowhawk    21            
Cardinal Meadowhawk   1               
Black Saddlebags   35         
August 23/24 2006
Inyo County
Rick and Marcy Clements
My wife and looked for odes along Hwy. 395 in Inyo Co. 
Stops were briefer than desired due to very hot temps.
Dirty Socks Spring
 Flame skimmer common
 Common green darner common
 Blue-eyed darner common
 * Desert whitetail Libellula subornata  only one female - last report
 Paiute dancer common
 Desert forktail common
Diaz Lake, ephemeral ponds along south entrance road
 Flame skimmer common
 Common green darner few
 Blue-eyed darner
 * Hoary skimmer 2 - last report
 Desert whitetail 2 males
 Paiute dancer few
 Black-fronted forktail few
 Eight spotted skimmer 1 male
Mazourka Springs and Billy Lake
 * Aztec dancer Argia nahuana few – last report that is definitely this species 2006
 Western pondhawk
 Paiute dance common
 Blue dasher abundant
 Blue-eyed darner common
 Flame skimmer common
 Black saddlebags abundant at Billy L.
 Vivid dancer common
Mc Nally Canal northeast of Bishop very low water
 Vivid dancer few
 Northern bluet common
 Flame skimmer common
 Blue dasher common
 Blue-eyed darner common
 Paddle-tailed darner male and a female in hand
 Western meadowhawk very few compared with 100s month ago
Nik/Nik ponds and Fish Slough north of Bishop
 Black saddlebags abundant
 Variegated meadowhawk abundant
 Blue-eyed darner common
 Vivid dancer common
 Familiar bluet few
 Black-fronted forktail 1
 Disappointed at no striped meadowhawk
August 22, 2006
Humboldt County
Daryl Coldren 
Arcata Marsh 
Pacific Forktail-- numerous
Familiar Bluet-- one netted
Bluet spp -- several
Common Green Darner-- several
Blue-eyed Darner-- one netted, many flying
Paddle-tailed Darner-- one seen only
Black Saddlebags--  2
Cardinal Meadowhawk-- 2 pairs, 1 pair netted
Variegated Meadowhawk--, 8-10, 2 netted
August 19, 2006
Shasta County
Ray Bruun
Summit Lake, Lassen Park
Made a family trip  there this afternoon.  Poor weather for odes (lots of wind and little sun).
Pix -
8 species:
White-faced Meadowhawk - 1 teneral male
Striped Meadowhawk - several adults
* Ringed Emerald Somatochlora albicincta  - several adults in flight – last report
Variable Darner - several males in flight (many others possible)
Aeshna sp. not Variable - several, probably Paddle-tailed, Shadow, or both
*Emerald Spreadwing Lestes dryas – several – last date reported in 2006
Northern Spreadwing - common
Boreal Bluet (assumed) – common
August 18/19, 2006
Mono County
Karen DeMello 
A Mosaic Darner at Siesta Lake (Hwy 120) & at Yosemite Creek
An Emerald flew by at Yosemite Creek (American? Mountain? It flew by too quickly to tell)
A possible Striped Meadowhawk at Tuolumne Meadows
A beautiful Emerald Spreadwing at Tuolumne Meadows (this was the highlight of the day!)
DeChambeau Pond north of Mono Lake:
Western Pondhawk (females on far side, males by pond)
Flame Skimmer
Eight-spotted Skimmer
Mosaic Darner sp.
Black Saddlebags
Western Forktail
Desert Forktail
Looked for the Bleached Skimmer that Paul Johnson reported at the end of July 
(watched the hot spring for an hour), but no luck.
August 18, 2006
Santa Barbara County
David Blue
Santa Ynez River
Lavender Dancer
Contra Costa County
John Hall, David Edwards
Mount Diablo State Park
Mitchell Canyon
Vivid Dancer 15
Walker's Darner 3
Mosaic Darner,sp 30
Common Green Darner 7
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Pacific Spiketail 1
Flame Skimmer 9
Red Rock Skimmer 1
Spot-winged Glider 1
Common Whitetail 1
Striped Meadowhawk 1


August 17, 2006
Colusa County
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bear Creek just upstream of Hwy 20 X Hwy 16
4-5 pm – we walked the creek for ~1/4 mile
Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot - many
CA/Aztec dancer - ~~dozen
Argia lugens -- Sooty dancer – one male, one female
Northern/Boreal Bluet - abundant
Tule/Arroyo Bluet - some
Anax junius -- Common green darner – 3-4
Anax walsinghami -- Giant darner - 3 males patrolling, 1 female ovipositing
Rhionaeschna multicolor -- Blue-eyed darner – 3-4 males patrolling, 1 female ovipositing
Erpetogomphus compositus -- White-belted ringtail – 6, 1 with very yellow rings
* Macromia magnifica -- Western river cruiser – 1-2 – last report
Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk - 3
Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk – 1-2 males
Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer - abundant
Libellula luctuosa -- Widow skimmer – 2-3

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags – many

August 16, 2006
Sutter County
Don Roberson & & Rita Carratello
Bobelaine Audubon Sanctuary - on the Feather River on Central Valley floor
early a.m. visit for birds, but these odes (many flushed from night roosts):
C. Green Darner 6, including a female at night roost
Wandering Glider ~100
August 15, 2006
Nevada County
Don Roberson & & Rita Carratello
"Glacier Meadow Lake" on Glacier Meadow loop trail, at start of
Pacific Crest Trail, 1/4 mi. east of parking area for Pacific Crest
Trail at Boreal Ridge exit, Donner Summit 
7200' elev.; 15530-1700 
Northern Spreadwing 15 [in dried up grassy marsh at parking lot]
Pacific Forktail 1 male (ph)
mosaic darner 10, definitely not Blue-eyed
Variable Darner 1 [male photo'd in flight]


August 14, 2006
Siskiyou County
Ray Bruun, Dave and Kathy Biggs 
Gumboot Lake and vicinity
We had 15 species flying.  The most interesting thing was finding Northern Spreadwing pairs ovipositing under water.  
Some pictures of that can be seen on my web site (Part 1 of 2).  Here are the links and the list.
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
* Crimson-ringed Whiteface Leucorrhinia glacialis  – several – last report 2006
* Hudsonian Whiteface Leucorrhinia hudsonica - 1 male – last report
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - 2, male and female
* Four-spotted Skimmer - ~10 – last report
Striped Meadowhawk - common
* American Emerald – common – last report
Ringed Emerald - several (~10?)
Variable Darner - common
Shadow Darner - at least one male netted
Common Green Darner - several
Blue-eyed Darner - at least male one netted
Northern Spreadwing - Common
Vivid Dancer - ~7
Boreal Bluet - common
Western Forktail - several
Alpine County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Curtz Lake 
~5700' elev.; 1400-1500 
very hot & calm
Northern Spreadwing 30+
No/Bo Bluet 40 (Boreals mostly)
Boreal/Northern Bluet 3
Western Forktail 2
mosaic darner, likely Blue-eyed 3
Striped Meadowhawk 12
Heenan Lake 
7200' elev.; 1000-1130 on 15 Aug [only vicinity of dam & marsh below checked]
hot, sunny & calm
Northern Spreadwing 40
Northern Bluet 1 [in-hand]
Northern/Boreal Bluet 25
Western Forktail 2
mosaic darner 10, prob. not Blue-eyed
Paddle-tailed Darner 1 male [photo'd well at close range in flight]
Variegated Meadowhawk 1 (ph)
Striped Meadowhawk 8
Indian Valley Reservoir 
5600' elev.; 1200-1400 [but still only a small % of habitat checked]
very hot & sunny
Spotted Spreadwing 10 
Tule Bluet 1 [in-hand]
Boreal Bluet 2 [in-hand]
bluet, sp 50+
Western Forktail 4
C. Green Darner 3
Blue-eyed Darner 10 [male appendage seen in flight]
Eight-spotted Skimmer 1 male (ph)
Striped Meadowhawk 30+
Western Meadowhawk 1 male (ph)
Black Saddlebags 4 [including ovipositing tandem; sight record only]
August 13, 2006
Alpine County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello
Hope Valley Lake 
7100' elev.; 1545-1630 on 13 Aug
warm and calm but brief thundershowers
N. Spreadwing 2
Tule Bluet 1 [in-hand; catch & release as were all our in-hand odes]
Boreal Bluet 1 [in-hand]
bluet, sp  2
Grass Lake ED
7500' elev.; 1330-1630 on 13 Aug
Very warm day but thunderclouds building
El Dorado County
Northern Spreadwing 100
Emerald Spreadwing 15 [note Hall/Edwards had 800 Emerald v. only 2 Northern here in July]
[no bluets!]
American Emerald 1 male on patrol
White-faced Meadowhawk 800+ [sex everywhere]
Black Meadowhawk 2
Monterey County
Steve Rovell and his son Julian 
We headed out to the Salinas River National Wildlife  Refuge, mainly just to get out, 
but we took our nets, camera, etc  with us just in case.  On the trail to the beach we 
encountered a few  dragons cruising the trail back and forth.  I was able to net one and  
it turned out to be a Spot-winged Glider Pantala hymenaea, new for both of us.
CA Chart #76; OC Record #7265
 I photographed it and submitted to Odonata Central as an upgrade to the  previous sight-only record.
Farther out near the beach, a wet ditch attracted me, as I have not  yet seen SF Forktail, and this 
seemed like a good place for them.  As  it was probably around 5:30 pm and overcast, I didn't expect 
much  action, but I did see one damsel in a spider web, apparently not eaten or spun-up for a later snack.  
I noticed it was a forktail and  pulled it out thinking it was dead.  To my surprise it wasn't dead,  
and it got away from me.  I'll have to go back when it is warmer and  sunnier to try to find this guy and ID him.  
Perhaps it will be the  SF!  Or maybe the BF.  Just gotta go back!


August 12, 2006
Colusa County
Paul Johnson
Bear Creek just upstream of Hwy 20 X Hwy 16
Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot - ~80
CA/Aztec dancer - ~20
Argia lugens -- Sooty dancer - ~20
Anax junius -- Common green darner - ~40 (feeding at dusk)
Anax walsinghami -- Giant darner - 3-5 
Rhionaeschna multicolor -- Blue-eyed darner - ~10
Erpetogomphus compositus -- White-belted ringtail - ~15
* Progomphus borealis -- Gray sanddragon - ~5 – last report 2006
Macromia magnifica -- Western river cruiser - 2-4
Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk - ~25
Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk - ~4
Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer - ~20
Libellula luctuosa -- Widow skimmer - ~2
Brechmorhoga mendax -- Pale-faced clubskimmer - 2
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags - ~15
Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider - ~2
Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider - ~2
Sacramento County
Don Roberson & Rita Carratello, Tim Manolis & Doug Vaughan
American River access, Sacramento, at mid-day 
We searched for Olive Clubtail. After two 'got away' when flushed and flew high into the
cottonwoods, Tim found a male Olive Clubtail perched low in grape  vines for photos! Just superb. 
Our list for the hour:
Familiar Bluet 15 (likely this species)
C. Green Darner 2
mosaic darner, very likely Blue-eyed 5
Olive Clubtail 3 (male photo'd)
Widow Skimmer 8 (ph)
[Twelve-spotted Skimmer -1 - TM only]
Flame Skimmer 4
Common Whitetail 4 (ph)
Blue Dasher 2
Variegated Meadowhawk 20 (ph)
Wandering Glider 100+ (ph of a perched one)
Spot-winged Glider 5+ (flight i.d. only)
Black Saddlebags 10
El Dorado County
Tahoe Keys marsh, South Lake Tahoe 
water level very high; visited 3 times in 3 days, mostly birding, but this list:
Northern Spreadwing 100+ (could have been many hundreds)
Western Forktail 1
Striped Meadowhawk 15
Taylor Creek marsh 
added many more 
Striped Meadowhawk plus a
Emma’s Dancer (female)
Alpine County
Diamond Valley 
northwest end of Diamond Valley Road
Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens  1 in flight (sight record only)

August 11, 2006

Monterey County
Steve Rovell and his son (Julian) 
We headed to Arroyo Seco to look for  odes.  We didn't have the diversity Don Roberson had, but we did  
manage to add one to our personal list for the county, Red Rock  Skimmer.  We had nothing new that 
Don didn't have on his two previous trips there. The Red Rock Skimmer, by the way, was in the creek near  
the entrance station.


August 10, 2006

Yuba/Butte County
Tim Manolis

I was given a tour of a nice stretch of private property along South Honcut Creek near Bangor,

by the gracious landowner, a local Sac Audubon member named Wayne Monson (and a very nice guy). 

The creek here is the Yuba/ Butte county line, which makes it a nice place to get 2-for-1 county records,

and that is just what we did today, finding an Olive Clubtail Stylurus olivaceus  (collected), CA CHART #; OC Record #7348

 new for both Butte and Yuba counties (I just can't seem to get away from those guys these days <g>).  Also netted a

Wandering Glider  Pantala flavescens along the creek (and saw lots more of both gliders), then let it go,

but subsequently checked the spreadsheet and saw there was no prior record for Yuba!  [sight record]

I keep making that mistake in Yuba County because I keep forgetting that there are some very common to

abundant things (like Wandering Glider) that aren't even on the Yuba list. 

Did collect a California Dancer Argia agrioides for a first Yuba specimen (I'd netted but not saved them

along that creek before). CA CHART #; OC Record #7349

I have long thought that this creek looks like a great one for Giant Darner. 

Today just before we left a huge female Anax came down to the creek briefly, dipped in once and then took off. 

She was BIG.  But we didn't see so much as a shadow of any Anax males patrolling the creek.  Probably one

of the neatest things we saw was a female Pacific Spiketail ovipositing for a good 5 minutes straight or so;

also patrolling male Western River Cruisers.  All in all, a great little creek.

Lassen County
Ray Bruun and George Sappington 
We drove a loop around Crater Mountain and then took A21 to Silver Lake Road where 
we looked for odes along the Susan River and at Cooper Swamp.  Odes of 
the day were SEDGE SPRITE at Cooper Swamp, White-faced Meadowhawk 
along the Susan River (there were many of them there), and Mountain 
Emerald, also along the Susan River.
Pictures are up:
Part 1 - Damselflies:
Part 2 - Meadowhawks:
Part 3 - Other Dragonflies:
Part 4 - Miscellaneous (non-odes):
Our trip list:
Crimson-ringed/Belted Whiteface - 2 or 3 males at Cooper Swamp
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - Two (male and female) along Pine Creek below Highway 44, one female at Susan River
Four-spotted Skimmer - 1 male.  If I remember right, this was at the Susan River.
Variegated Meadowhawk - several on the Crater Mountain loop.
Black Meadowhawk - 1 female at White Horse Reservoir
White-faced Meadowhawk - Very common along Susan River and at Cooper Swamp
Striped Meadowhawk - Very common on Crater Mountain loop, some at Susan River and Cooper Swamp(?)
Black Saddlebags - George mentioned seeing one in the Pine Creek Valley
* Mountain Emerald Somatochlora semicircularis - 1 male at Susan River last time reported in 2006
Paddle-tailed Darner - 1 female at White Horse Reservoir
* Shadow Darner Aeshna umbrosa  - one netted on Pine Creek downstream of Highway 44 - first time reported in 2006
Aeshna sp. - Other Aeshna species are possible (e.g., Variable Darner) but these are the only ones identified
Common Green Darner - Common on Crater Mountain loop
Blue-eyed Darner - several at Susan River(?)
Pacific Spiketail - one at Susan River (would have caught him/her, had I known it was a sighting-only record)
Northern/Boreal Bluet - Several (~10) at White Horse Reservoir
*Lyre-tipped Spreadwing Lestes unguiculatus - Very common at White Horse Reservoir – last time reported in 2006
Emerald Spreadwing - Common on Crater Mountain loop and at Cooper Swamp.
Western Forktail - 1 female at Cooper Swamp + others at White Horse Reservoir and Pine Creek Drainage(?)
* Sedge Sprite - about 5 at Cooper Swamp – last time reported in 2006
August 9, 2006
Colusa County
Greg Kareofelas 
Mill Valley Campground

Lestes disjunctus (Northern Spreadwing) – specimen; CA CHART #15; OC Record #7301


August 6, 2006

Monterey County 
Rita Carratello and Don Roberson
We returned to the Arroyo Seco Lakes in Monterey County, where we had done so well in the 100 degree heat of 24 July, 
but this time we had enough time to also check the Arroyo Seco River itself. We found a nice quiet stretch between two popular 
swimmin' holes. We had 13 odes at the "lakes" (two reedy ponds) but added 5 more along the river, including several lifers for us. 
One of these is apparently a first MTY record: Pale-faced Clubskimmer. 
Photos of all our new odonates, plus a summary of the day, is now at
Spotted Spreadwing 4 
Tule Bluet 2 
California Dancer 5 
Western Forktail 1 
Pacific Forktail 10 
Common Green Darner 6 
Blue-eyed Darner 10
Western Pondhawk 4 
Widow Skimmer 15 
Flame Skimmer 10 
Blue Dasher 30 
Cardinal Meadowhawk 10 
Black Saddlebags 5 [and this time actually found 1 perched!]
These 13 species were nice, but it was along the Arroyo Seco River, though, where we found new odes:
American Rubyspot 
Sooty Dancer (25+)
Red Rock Skimmer
Emma's Dancer
Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax - a first [photo] record for Monterey County. CA CHART #29; OC Record #7220

Ist week of August, 2006

Plumas &/or Sierra County

Doug Vaughan & Doris Kreshmer

My wife and I just returned from a week in the Sierra with a small group of friends. There was much wildflower watching and hiking through 
ode-poor habitat, but I was rarely without my net and never without binoculars, so we did manage a respectable list of odes. We also took 
more focused side trips to Zamboni Hot Springes in eastern Lassen County (very briefly) and Willow Lake in northern Plumas County, but we 
were perhaps a bit late for maximum excitement at both places. We spent most of our time in the Lakes Basin of southern Plumas County.
A conflated list follows. Two species marked with asterisks look to be upgrades of sighting-only records.
Northern Spreadwing (Lestes disjunctus) -- common and widespread
Paiute Dancer (Argia alberta) -- a few, Zamboni Hot Springs only
Vivid Dancer (A. vivida)
* Taiga Bluet (Coenagrion resolutum) -- at ponds around 7000' in the Lakes Basin – last time reported in 2006
Boreal Bluet (Enallagma boreale) -- "mostly blue" bluets abundant; this and Northern identified in hand
Northern Bluet (E. annexum)
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula)
Black-fronted Forktail (I. denticollis)? -- one probable female at Willow Lake
Western Forktail (I. perparva)
*Paddle-tailed Darner (A. palmata) -- Smith L., Plumas Co., 1 August 
*Variable Darner (Aeshna interrupta) -- Hellgrammite Lakes, Plumas Co., 4 August
Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor)
Pacific Spiketail (Cordulegaster dorsalis) -- one patrolling male near Smith Lake, Plumas County
American Emerald (Cordulia shurtleffii) -- only one, Long Lake, Plumas County
Crimson-ringed Whiteface (Leucorrhinia glacialis) -- near Round Lake, c. 6700', Plumas County; specimen collected [upgrade of prior sighting only record]
CA CHART #40; OC Record #7208
Hudsonian Whiteface (L. hudsonica) -- at several alpine ponds, Plumas County
* Dot-tailed Whiteface (L. intacta) -- surprisingly, the only whiteface we found at Willow Lake; also seen in Lakes Basin – last report
Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum)
White-faced Meadowhawk (S. obtrusum) -- abundant and widespread
Western Meadowhawk (S. occidentale)
Striped Meadowhawk (S. pallipes)
Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata) -- Lassen County only
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) -- Lassen County only
Comanche Skimmer (Libellula comanche) -- two or three at Zamboni Hot Springs
Four-spotted Skimmer (L. quadrimaculata)
Flame Skimmer (L. saturata) -- Lassen County only; no records for Plumas or Sierra County!?
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) -- seen in both Plumas and Sierra Counties; still no specimen record for the latter
Spot-winged Glider (Pantala hymenaea) -- locally in swarms, Plumas County; specimen collected [upgrade of prior sighting only record]
CA CHART #40; OC Record #7209


August 3, 2006

Shasta County

George Sappington and Ray Bruun
Stillwater Creek and Upper Clear Creek
We photographed odes on upper Clear Creek (between Whiskeytown Lake and French Gulch) and on Stillwater Creek 
(other side of Redding by Shasta College).  The most interesting find was Western River Cruiser.  We had several at Clear Creek and captured 
one for confirmation and to photograph.  (I don't pose my subjects as a rule, but a posed picture is better than none at all.  I may never see a 
Western River Cruiser perched naturally.) Also seen:
Gray Sanddragon  - photo pair in cop

Flame Skimmer  - photo

American Rubyspot  - photo

Sooty Dancer  - photo

California Dancer  - photos


August 2, 2006

Fresno County

Glen Salt
Ren Faire location

Widow Skimmer

Monterrey County

Don Roberson
Laguna Grande Park, Seaside
Flame Skimmers ovipositing

San Bernardino County

John Hall/David Edwards
Amargosa @ Slot Cn 
Giant Darner Anax walsinghami – 1 seen, #84       


August 1, 2006

Sacramento County

Tim Manolis

I took a walk at midday (11:00-12:30) along the American River Parkway in Sacramento from the Glennbrook Park Access,

on the south side of the river between the Howe and Watt Avenue bridges, downstream towards the Howe Avenue Bridge. 

This is the best place along the river to find the elusive Olive Clubtail (Stylurus olivaceus) and I wasn't disappointed. 

Odonates seen were:

Bluets -- about 10, 2 males seen looked like Familiar Bluets, and the rest were also likely that species.

Common Green Darner -- 10

*Olive Clubtail -- 12; 9 females, 3 males.  Typically flushed from perches in trees and bushes within 2-8 ft. above ground.

Blue Dasher -- 6

Western Pondhawk -- 1

Common Whitetail -- 12

Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- 2

Widow Skimmer -- 80

Flame Skimmer -- 40

Variegated Meadowhawk -- 30

Spot-winged Glider -- 60

Wandering Glider -- 20

Black Saddlebags – 8


August 1, 2006
San Bernardino County
John Hall, David Edwards

Needles California - Jack Smith Park and vicinity Golf course pond Public beach near Golf course headquarters Time: 0800-1040 Temp: 94F
The Double-striped Bluet was found just across the river from Mohave County Arizona. If found there it would also be a new record for Mohave Co., AZ.
Double-striped Bluet Enallagma basidens 1 (new county record, specimen and photo) CA Chart #81
Familiar Bluet 7
Pacific Forktail 1 (male- in hand)
Rambur's Forktail 2
Mosaic Darner,sp 5
Common Green Darner 6
Blue-eyed Darner 2
White-belted Ringtail 1
Western Pondhawk 6
Widow Skimmer 5
Blue Dasher 25
Wandering Glider 7
Spot-winged Glider 20
Glider,sp 20
Black Saddlebags 4
Red Saddlebags

July 2006


July 29, 2006

San Benito County

Paul G. Johnson 
San Benito River near confluence with James Creek
(private property, with permission)
1200-1430, ~90F, partly to mostly cloudy, wind 0-~4 mph
Although we saw only a dozen species, I was very pleased to see a giant darner, as many
clubskimmers as I had previously seen in total in all my life, the first Emma's dancers
for the county (I think), and what may have been my first Pacific clubtail sighting for the county
(although they zipped by too quickly for me to be certain).  
A great way to end a great month of California oding.
Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot -- ~40
Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer – ~10
Argia emma -- Emma's dancer -- ~5 CA Chart #76 OC Record #7403 
Ischnura denticollis – Black-fronted forktail -- ~10
Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail -- ~15
Blue damsels -- ~30
Anax walsinghami -- Giant darner – 1
Erpetogomphus compositus -- White-belted ringtail – 2
Spiketail/Pacific clubtail – 1 or 2
Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer -- 4
Brechmorhoga mendax -- Pale-faced clubskimmer -- ~6
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags – 1

Shasta County

Ray Bruun
Took a brief look at a pond east of Shingletown this afternoon.  This is the third time I've been there 
this year, and it was much less productive this time.  White-faced Meadowhawks were the most 
common dragonfly.  In addition, saw Striped Meadowhawk, Common Green Darner, Gliders (both kinds), 
Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Pacific Forktail (1), Western Forktail, and Northern Spreadwing
July 27, 2006
Tuolumne County
Paul G. Johnson
Tulloch Rd., N of Hwy 108, SW of Tulloch Reservoir
0800-0815, 80F
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags -- 1
Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider – 1  (upgrade from sighting to photo) 
Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider -- 1
Stanislaus County
Stanislaus River Access at Knight’s Ferry and
“Horseshoe”, Merced River at Turlock Lake SRA
0830-1410 (lots of time driving), 85-98F, clear, wind ~2mph
CA/Aztec dancer -- 1
Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer – 3
Anax junius -- Common green darner – 1
? Rhionaeschna multicolor -- Blue-eyed darner? -- 3
Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk -- 1
Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk -- ~25
Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- 4
Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail – 1f
Libellula luctuosa -- Widow skimmer -- 9
Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer -- 4
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags -- 7
Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider -- 1
Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider -- ~7
Del Puerto Cyn., Stops at mile ~3.5, ~13.5, and ~18
1430-1905, 98F, clear, wind ~1 mph
Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot -- ~35
? Archilestes californica -- California spreadwing? – 1f
CA/Aztec dancer -- ~35
Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer – 1
Blue damsels -- ~200
Anax junius -- Common green darner – 1m
Anax walsinghami -- Giant darner – 1f ovipositing
Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk -- ~15
Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher – 3
Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail – 1f
Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer -- ~50
Brechmorhoga mendax -- Pale-faced clubskimmer -- 2
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags -- 1


July 26, 2006
Mono County
Paul G. Johnson 
I went to Dechambeau Ponds specifically to see bleached skimmers.  I arrived at 0715, and by 1045 I
had seen many dozens of odes, but no bleached skimmers.  Then I spotted a dragonfly that I didn't
recognize, and sure enough it was a female bleached skimmer.  I had expected them to be the size of other
skimmers like the 8-spotteds that were everywhere. But this one was relatively tiny.  
Another 15 minutes of searching produced no more, so I returned to the outfloew of the hot spring, since this
is supposed to be a hot spring critter.  It didn't take long for me to notice the pale dragonflies landing on low vegetation away from the water. 
Following them led to more and more males.  Then I returned to the pond, where I saw several tandem pairs
and many more singletons.  By the end of the day, it would be one of the most common odes there.  What a cool place!
Dechambeau Ponds (N side Mono Lake, off Cemetery Rd.)
0715-1245, 78-93F, wind ~1mph, clear
Lestes congener -- Spotted spreadwing -- ~5
Ischnura cervula -- Pacific forktail -- ~5
Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail -- ~30
Blue damsels – many
Anax junius -- Common green darner – 7 (females sleeping in short grass away from water)
Rhionaeschna multicolor -- Blue-eyed darner – 2
Mosaic darners (probably blue-eyed) -- ~20
? Aeshna palmata -- Paddle-tailed darner? – 1 (large with light green thoracic stripes)
Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk -- ~30
* Sympetrum costiferum – Saffron-winged meadowhawk -- ~20
Sympetrum pallipes -- Striped meadowhawk -- 1
Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk -- ~50
Plathemis subornata -- Desert whitetail – 4m
* Libellula composita -- Bleached skimmer -- ~40 – last report
Libellula forensis -- Eight-spotted skimmer -- ~40
? Libellula pulchella -- Twelve-spotted skimmer? -- 2
Libellula quadrimaculata -- Four-spotted skimmer -- ~10
Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer -- ~8
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags -- ~8
Tramea onusta -- Red saddlebags -- 2
Tiny pond, N side Hot Creek Road near fish hatchery
1430-1445, 90F
Lestes dryas -- Emerald spreadwing -- 5
Ischnura cervula -- Pacific forktail -- 1
Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail -- 2
Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer  -- ~10
Sympetrum pallipes -- Striped meadowhawk – 2
Libellula pulchella -- Twelve-spotted skimmer – 2 (county photo record)
Little Alkali Hot Spring, wet areas beside Hot Creek Rd., & Alkali Lake
1530-1640, 90F, clear, wind ~5mph
Blue damsels -- ~1000
Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk -- ~40
Plathemis subornata -- Desert whitetail – ~14
Libellula quadrimaculata -- Four-spotted skimmer – 1
? Rhionaeschna multicolor -- Blue-eyed darner? – 3
Tuolumne County
Paul G. Johnson
Yosemite NP, Tuolumne Meadows
1840-1900, 73F, clear
Bluet – 1
Lestes dryas -- Emerald spreadwing -- ~100


July 25, 2006
Merced County
Paul G. Johnson
Merced River: George J. Hatfield SRA
1600-1630, 103 F, calm, clear
Bluet – 2
Argia emma -- Emma's dancer -- ~8
Argia lugens -- Sooty dancer -- ~4  (county record – sighting only)
Mosaic darner -- 1
Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider – 3  (county record?)


July 24, 2006
Shasta County

Ray Bruun

Hiked up to Cliff Lake today.  Only a couple of odes there, but I had a 
female Spot-winged Glider land on a tree branch about 10 feet from me as 
I was walking back to the car.  Unfortunately, the camera was tucked 
away in my backpack.  Fortunately, she hung around long enough to have 
her picture taken.  Also have an exuviae picture that is probably 
Crimson-ringed Whiteface.
Boreal Bluet - Summit Lake
Variegated Meadowhawk - Lost Creek
Spot-winged Glider - along trail between Summit and Cliff Lakes


July 23, 2006

Imperial County

Paul G. Johnson

East Highline Canal: E end Sinclair Rd.

0730-0800, 98F, partly cloudy, wind ~5mph

Argia moesta -- Powdered dancer -- ~3

Argia sedula – Blue-ringed dancer -- ~2

Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot -- 1

Mosaic darner – 1

Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western Pondhawk – 1f ovipositing

Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider -- 3

West Side Main Canal @ Hwy 98 (W of Calexico)

1015-1115, 103-109F, clear, wind ~1mph

Argia moesta -- Powdered dancer -- ~200

Dasher/Pondhawk – 2

? Anax junius -- Common green darner? – 1

* *Stylurus intricatus -- Brimstone clubtail – 1 – ONLY report 2006

Stylurus plagiatus -- Russet-tipped clubtail -- ~2

Erpetogomphus compositus -- White-belted ringtail -- ~3

Perithemis intensa -- Mexican amberwing -- 1

Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider -- 2

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: Carrizo Wash

1215-1315, 111F, calm, clear

Blue damsels – 4

CA/Aztec dancer -- 5

Argia moesta -- Powdered dancer – 3f

Argia sedulaBlue-ringed dancer – 1m

Telebasis salva -- Desert firetail – 2m

Anax junius -- Common green darner – 3

Dasher/Pondhawk – ~20

Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western Pondhawk -- ~5

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~20

Libellula comanche -- Comanche skimmer – ~40

* Orthemis ferruginea -- Roseate skimmer – ~7(1m, ~6f) first report 2006 (January record was END of last year’s season)

Flame/Neon skimmer -- ~2

Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider – 2

Sunbeam Lake County Park (N of Hwy 8 near Seeley)
0900-0945, 99F, clear, wind ~2mph
Blue damsels -- ~50
Argia moesta -- Powdered dancer -- ~40
Argia sedula – Blue-ringed dancer -- ~120
*Enallagma basidens – Double-striped bluet -- ~5
(Although not a county record, I was surprised to see these so far from the Colorado River.)
Ischnura ramburii – Rambur’s forktail -- ~20
Dasher/Pondhawk – 1
Perithemis intensa -- Mexican amberwing -- ~3
Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider (1 dead in water)

Monterey County

Don Roberson

Salinas wastewater treatment ponds

Anax junius – tandem pair ovipositing – photo at


Shasta County
Ray Bruun

Summit Lake, Lassen Park

Crimson-ringed Whiteface -  many photographed 
Boreal Bluets - in wheel
Striped Meadowhawk - Young male



July 22, 2006

Imperial Co.

Paul G. Johnson

East Highline Canal: E end Sinclair Rd.

1400-1500, 118-119F

Argia moesta -- Powdered dancer -- ~50

Argia sedula – Blue-ringed dancer -- ~15

Imperial Wildlife Area: Wister Unit: Reservoir at north end of unit

1500-1640, 116F, 28%RH, wind 0mph (feels like 133F)

Odes were all on the shady side of a row of trees on E side of reservoir, which unfortunately blocked the breeze.

Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk -- ~15

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~40

Libellula comanche -- Comanche skimmer -- 6

Tramea onusta -- Red saddlebags – 1

Imperial Wildlife Area: Wister Unit: canal adjacent to “mud pots” sign 1700-1820

In contrast to the odes hiding in the shade at the last spot, these were quite active.

Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot -- 1

Ischnura ramburii – Rambur’s forktail -- 2

*Ischnura hastata – Citrine forktail -- 1f ovipositing

Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk-- ~25

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~40

Libellula comanche -- Comanche skimmer – 2

Libellula luctuosa -- Widow skimmer – 2m

Orthemis ferruginea -- Roseate skimmer – 1

Algodones Dunes: Cahuilla Ranger Station

0615, 95F (sun had not yet risen over dunes)

Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider – 2

San Diego County

Paul G. Johnson

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: Culp Valley (south side of highway @Paroli Spring)

0645-0715, 93F

Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider – 2

*  * Libellula croceipennis -- Neon skimmer – only report for 2006!!

Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer

Borrego Springs: Roadrunner Estates golf course

0830-1000, 105-113F

Brachymesia furcata -- Red-tailed pennant -- 2

Perithemis intensa -- Mexican amberwing -- ~7

Orthemis ferruginea -- Roseate skimmer – 1m

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags -- 1

Flame/Neon skimmer -- 1

Borrego Springs: Borrego Springs Resort golf course

1015-1130, 116F

Ischnura ramburii – Rambur’s forktail -- ~5

Blue damsels -- ~20

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~12

Erythemis simplicicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk – 1f

Libellula comanche -- Comanche skimmer -- 3

Macrodiplax balteata -- Marl pennant1f (photo county record)

Perithemis intensa -- Mexican amberwing -- ~75

Orthemis ferruginea -- Roseate skimmer – 1


July 21, 2006

San Francisco County

John Hall, David Edwards

Golden Gate Park

We took advantage of a warm sunny day to investigate the possibility of Rambur's Forktail existing in the park. This is based on

 observations of this species in the Conservatory of

Flowers. No Rambur's were found. We tried to visit most of the water bodies found in the park.

Vivid Dancer  1   (Arboretum)                    

Bluet,sp  2                          

Pacific Forktail   72                  

Western Forktail 1  (Elk Glen Lake)                

Mosaic Darner,sp  130                  

Blue-eyed Darner  22                   

Twelve-spotted Skimmer 1  (Middle Lake)          

Blue Dasher  2   ( Metson and North Lakes)                    

Wandering Glider 7                   

Spot-winged Glider 1                

Glider,sp   2                         

Common Whitetail  Libellula lydia 1  (Middle Lake-new county record-photo)

Cardinal Meadowhawk   30              

Lassen County
Ray Bruun
This afternoon, I spent two hours photographing odes at Poison Lake.
(10 species)
Dot-tailed Whiteface - common
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - 1 female or young male (flyby)
Four-spotted Skimmer - several
Variegated Meadowhawk - 1 mature female, several males
Striped Meadowhawk - abundant
Darner species (flyby)
Northern Spreadwing - common
Emerald Spreadwing - common
*Lyre-tipped Spreadwing Lestes unguiculatus - abundant
Boreal Bluet - common (caught a couple of males to confirm ID)
Pictures in two parts:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

San Diego County

Paul G. Johnson

Sorrento Valley: El Camino Memorial Park

30 minutes, 0.2 mile

Brachymesia furcata -- Red-tailed pennant -- ~3

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~10

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags – 1f ovipositing

Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider – 1

Santee Lakes

30 minutes, 0.1 mile

Ischnura cervula -- Pacific forktail -- ~5

Blue damsels -- ~20

Anax junius -- Common green darner -- ~5

Brachymesia furcata -- Red-tailed pennant -- ~3

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~8

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags – ~2


July 20, 2006
Lassen County
Ray Bruun

For a couple of hours this afternoon, I braved the heat and visited Stillwater Creek downstream of Highway 299 (northeast of Redding). 

No camera; this was purely ode watching. The temperature was around 104°F when I was done.  I went there primarily to look for Alkali Bluet,

which I may have seen and photographed there last week.  I observed many bluets along the stream edge, sometimes together with California Dancer,

sometimes not.  I captured 20 to 25 of the males (most were males) and looked at the terminal appendages through a hand lens.  All turned out to be

Northern Bluet.  All were also small (approximately 30 mm and less) and had more black on top of segments six and seven than I am accustomed to

seeing on Northern/Boreal bluet. I saw several females, some in tandem with males.  There was at least one pair in wheel. Strangely, I was nearly

run-down by a deer. The creekside vegetation was dense.  At one point I heard a loud crashing noise, and seconds later, a large doe burst out of the

bushes running full speed into the creekbed about ten feet away. Pretty amazing.

Here is a list for the day (16 species):

Pale-faced Clubskimmer - 5 to 10, a pair in wheel

Western Pondhawk - several males

Widow Skimmer - common

Twelve-spotted Skimmer - 1

Flame Skimmer - ~10

Black Saddlebags - 2

White-belted Ringtail - ~20

Gray Sanddragon - ~20 - 30

American Rubyspot - common in suitable streamside vegetation

*California Spreadwing Archilestes californica - 1 male, in hand, measured 48 mm

California Dancer - very common (I checked 3 or 4 to make sure we didn't have Aztec Dancer)

Sooty Dancer - common (checked length on three males -- 45 mm, 45 mm, 47mm)

Vivid Dancer - 2 probable in tandem

Northern Bluet - very common

Pacific Forktail - 1 male

Western Forktail - 1


July 19/20, 2006

Contra Costa County

Doug Vaughan

Briones Regional Park

On Wednesday I was reconnoitering in the vicinity of the Bear Creek Road entrance, then Thursday, my wife and I walked in again to the Maricich and Sindicich Lagoons, despite temperatures near 100. At the larger Sindicich Lagoon, we refound the Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta) I reported on June 29 -- to my surprise and delight. With some misgivings, I collected it as a voucher specimen (it will go to the UC Essig Museum)

Black Saddlebags (T. lacerata) were coupling all over the place, but there was no sign of a female Red. Only these two lonely males, the remaining one now lonelier than ever!

Other highlights:

A handsome Pacific Spiketail (Cordulegaster dorsalis) patrolling the deeply shaded and tiny rivulet that is Bear Creek these days. All three "expected" Lestes spreadwings. The Bay Area meadowhawk Grand Slam in one afternoon: Cardinal, Red-veined, Striped, and Variegated (I've never seen Western Meadowhawk, Sympetrum occidentale, around here).Surprising in their complete absence were Flame Skimmers (Libellula saturata) and "mostly blue" bluets; I've not yet seen a single Boreal or Familiar Bluet (Enallagma boreale and E. civile) this year


July 19, 2006

Monterey County

Don Roberson

Today I found yet another Common Whitetail in MTY, this time at Laguna Grande Park in Seaside, just a half-mile from the ocean. Photos were taken and will be posted in due course.

In reviewing photos I took at Carmel River mouth earlier this month, I found I had unwittingly photographed yet another ode that is apparently missing from the MTY checklist: * CALIFORNIA DARNER Rhionaeschna californica. I have posted its photo, and those of Blue-eyed Darner taken at the same date and locale, on a new page at (last date CA Darner reported 2006)

Carmel River mouth

Anax junius – flight shots – photo at


July 18/19, 2006

Siskiyou County

Andy Rehn and Greg Kareofelas

Gumboot Lake

We saw or caught:
Lestes congener

Lestes disjunctus
Lestes dryas
Lestes unguiculatus
Tanypteryx hageni
Gomphus kurilis
Anax junius
Aeshna interrupta
Cordulia shurtleffi
*Somatochlora albicincta
Ringed Emerald
Leucorrhinia glacialis
Leucorrhinia hudsonica ?
Libellula quadrimaculata

Libellula pulchella
Sympetrum pallipes
Sympetrum corruptum


July 16-18, 2006

Lassen County

Tim and Annette Manolis

Made a combo ode/bird/visit-with-friends trip to Lassen County last Sunday thru Tuesday (7/16-18). 

Attempts to find/collect species that are "seen only" records for the county were frustrated, but we still found a nice variety of things at the few sites surveyed.


Susan River Parkway, Susan River in Susanville, opposite the high school playing fields.

Spent most of our time here searching for the Gray Catbird, which we finally heard and saw late in the day. 

Odes seen were:

*River Jewelwing (Calopteryx aequabilis)* -- 3-4 males chasing each other
around over the river, a few females hanging out nearby. Usually males of this
species are described as having a metallic green body (the NA damselfly manual
says, for the genus in general, "mostly brilliant metallic green with bue
reflections"). A specimen I have, taken on the Susan River a few years ago, has
both metallic green and blue areas on the abdomen and thorax. But the males we
saw flying on the river this day had day-glow violet-blue abdomens (they looked
like neon light tubes, or light sabers!) such as I have never seen on a
jewelwing before, here or elsewhere. No matter which way they twisted and
turned they always looked glowing violet-blue, never green, at least on the abdomen.
The females were greenish, as usual. Interestingly, in his description of the
first C. aequabilis found in California, Kennedy(1917) described the males as
having the thorax and abdomen "metallic blue" but said the females were green.
American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) -- some seen.
Spreadwing sp? (Lestes sp?) -- a female seen, probably Spotted?
California Dancer (Argia agrioides) -- a couple of males netted, one collected, other probables seen.

A big surprise, as I have spent a lot of time inrecent years intensively surveying for odonates along the

Susan River at various spots in and near Susanville, and have never encountered this species here
before. Indeed, the only other location where I have found this species in the
county is along the Pit River near Pittville in the northeast corner of the county.
Emma's Dancer (Argia emma) -- common.
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) -- some seen.
Emma's Dancer (Argia emma) -- common.
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) -- some seen.

Northern Bluet (Enallagma annexum) -- at least one male netted.

Tule Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum) -- at least one male netted.

Western Forktail (Ischnura perparva) -- fairly common.

Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor) -- a few seen.

* * Great Basin Snaketail (Ophiogomphus morrisoni) -- 8-10 males along the river. – only report 2006

Eight-spotted Skimmer (Libellula forensis) -- some seen.

Twelve-spotted Skimmer (Libellula pulchella) -- 1-2 seen.

Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia) -- some seen.

Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) -- 1-2 seen.

* Red-veined Meadowhawk (Sympetrum madidum) -- 1 seen. – last report

We looked for odes at a few spots in the Honey Lake Valley, seeing the usual
suspects (including Black-fronted Forktail, Ischnura denticollis, along the
Susan River near the Fleming Unit of the Honey Lake Wildlife Area), then drove
north along Hwy 395. The first spot we stopped to check en route to Termo was:
Secret Creek where it is crossed by Kelso Road just west of the junction of
Kelso Road with Hwy 395.
American Rubyspot -- 12
Vivid Dancer - a few.
Aztec Dancer (Argia nahuana) -- 8-10 seen, a male collected. Another Argia surprise.

This species, like A. agrioides, was only previously known from the Pit River country in Lassen County.
Tule Bluet -- common.
Northern Bluet -- 1 male netted, others probably seen.
*River Bluet (Enallagma anna) -- 1 male netted, others probably seen.
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula) -- common.
Western Forktail -- common.
California Darner (Rhionaeschna californica) -- male seen.
Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata) -- a few seen.
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- common.
Hoary Skimmer (Libellula nodisticta)
-- 2 seen.
Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) -- 12.
Common Whitetail -- 4.
Western Meadowhawk (Sympetrum occidentalis) -- 8.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- a few seen.
Saffron-winged Meadowhawk -- one seen.
At Termo, we headed west off the hwy on the Termo-Grasshopper Road, stopping
to survey a spot where a spring-fed drainage (apparently this is Bailey Creek,
as far as I can tell from looking at various maps) crosses the road to create
a large irrigation canal (signed gate read "Red Rock Ranch"), in the
southwest corner of the Madeline Plain, a little over a mile SE of the Dry
Valley Gap between the Madeline Plain and Grasshopper Valley. Here were:
Emerald Spreadwing (Lestes dryas) -- common, a male collected.
 south of Pittville.
American Rubyspot -- fairly common along the creek.
Spotted Spreadwing -- one netted.
Northern Spreadwing (Lestes disjunctus) -- a male collected.
Emerald Spreadwing -- some seen.
Aztec/California Dancer -- both are known to occur here, so probably both
were seen; a single male netted was Aztec.
Vivid Dancer -- common.
Emma's Dancer -- common.
Sooty Dancer (Argia lugens) -- fairly common along the river.
Tule Bluet -- common, probably other species present, but not sampled.
Western Forktail -- common.
Pacific Forktail -- common.
Blue-eyed Darner -- fairly common.
Mosaic Darner (Aeshna sp?) -- 1-2 paddle-tailed types patrolling at small
marshy ponds near the river; perhaps A. palmata, but I couldn't get close enough
to any to catch them!
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) -- a few seen.
Western River Cruiser (Macromia magnifica) -- 2-3 spottings of individuals cruising over open areas

Spotted Spreadwing (Lestes congener) -- one male netted.
Aztec Dancer -- 10+, one collected; apparently these are more widespread in
the county than I thought!
Vivid Dancer -- 6.
Boreal Bluet (Enallagma boreale) -- male netted.
Tule Bluet -- common.
* ** Alkali Bluet (Enallagma clausum) -- 2 males netted. Only time reported in 2006
Western Forktail -- abundant.
Pacific Forktail -- common.
Western Red Damsel (Amphiagrion abbreviatum) -- common.
Mosaic Darner (Aeshna sp?) -- one or two males along the creek were
patrolling in the manner of Aeshna palmata, but eluded my net.
Western Pondhawk -- 8.
Dot-tailed Whiteface (Leucorrhinia intacta) -- 4.
Four-spotted Skimmer (Libellula quadrimaculata) -- 2.
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- common.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 1-2.
Striped Meadowhawk (Sympetrum pallipes) -- 1.
Western Meadowhawk -- common.

Saffron-winged Meadowhawk -- 2.
Black Meadowhawk (Sympetrum danae) -- 10+.
* Cherry-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum internum) -- 1 collected, others probably seen. ONLY DATE SEEN 2006
Bob Creek Ranch, along the Pit River and Bob Creek, the river. This is the only place in Lassen
County where I have seen this species, but they are very wary of close approach,
so I have yet to net one.
Western Pondhawk -- a few seen.
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) -- a few males around the ranch pond.
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- some seen.
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- some seen.
Flame Skimmer -- 8-10.
Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa) -- 10.
Common Whitetail -- a few seen.
Variegated Meadowhawk -- a few seen.
Red-veined Meadowhawk -- a few seen.
Striped Meadowhawk -- fairly common.
Black Saddlebags -- 2-3 seen.

Susan River in Clover Valley, where it runs near the Norvell Flat Road
(Forest Service Road 104). The only sighting of Pacific Spiketail in Lassen
County comes from this spot, so I was looking for more, but saw none. Did see:
Northern Spreadwing -- 5.
Emerald Spreadwing -- 20.
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing (Lestes unguiculatus) -- a male netted.
Western Red Damsel -- some present.
Vivid Dancer -- a few seen.
Bluets -- some seen.
Western Forktail -- common.
Emerald sp? -- a probable Mountain Emerald netted, but escaped the net before I could secure it.
Hudsonian Whiteface (Leucorrhinia hudsonica) -- 12.
Four-spotted Skimmer -- common.
White-faced Meadowhawk (Sympetrum obtrusum) -- abundant.
We also saw gliders (Pantala hymenaea and probably flavescens as well) while
driving around, especially common in the Central Valley on the way home (one
Spot-winged Glider pulled from the truck grill, collected who knows where).
All in all, a satisfying if not spectacular trip list (49 species, at least).

July 16, 2006
Santa Barbara County
David Blue
Santa Ynez River
* * Serpent Ringtail Erpetogomphus lampropeltis – only report in 2006
Gray Sanddragon 
Santa Clara County
Paul G. Johnson 
Coyote Creek, east of Gilroy, along Gilroy Hot Springs Road
Argia emma (Emma's Dancer)  PHOTO RECORD CA Chart #76 OC Record #7338
July 15, 2006
Amador County
John Hall, David Edwards
Carson Spur Lake
This is the lake seen on the south side of the highway at the Carson Spur vista point. 
Time: 12:20-13:15Temp. 85F
Emerald Spreadwing   15                
Taiga Bluet Coenagrion resolutum  40 (new county record-specimen taken) 
Northern Bluet  4 in-hand                 
Boreal/Northern Bluet  60              
Western Forktail  4                   
Mosaic Darner,sp                   
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  6             
Four-spotted Skimmer  10               
Variegated Meadowhawk   1  
Alpine County
John Hall, David Edwards
Indian Creek Recreation Area
Time: 08:10-11:05
Temp. 85F
Spotted Spreadwing Lester congener  2 (new county record-specimens taken) 
Northern Spreadwing 70
Emerald Spreadwing 40
Boreal Bluet 1 (in-hand)
Tule Bluet 50 (1 in-hand)
Boreal/Northern Bluet 2000
Western Forktail 30
Mosaic Darner,sp 6
Common Green Darner 8
Blue-eyed Darner 5
Eight-spotted Skimmer 10
Twelve-spotted Skimmer 25
Four-spotted Skimmer 1
Variegated Meadowhawk 10
White-faced Meadowhawk 2
Striped Meadowhawk 15
Western Meadowhawk 4
Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata 3 (new county record-sighting only)           
San Diego County
Doug Aguillard
With Temps in the 120 plus range out in the desert, I stayed in the cooler Coastal 80's this weekend.
San Elijo Lagoon, a saltwater estuary 33* 00.789  117* 16.399
Common Green Darner
Blue-eyed Darner
Blue Dasher
I visited a new location at El Camino Cemetery in Sorrento Valley.
32* 53.612 117* 11.093
Flame Skimmer
Blue Dashers
Red Pennants
Red Saddlebags
Black Saddlebags
Western Forktails
Pacific Forktails
Bluets (sp?)
Ended at my ole standbye- Greenwood Cemetery 32* 42.312 117* 06.313. 
The BIG surprise was 2 new species at this site that I have been visiting for years.
Common Green Darner
Flame Skimmers
Blue Dashers
Red Saddlebags
Black Saddlebags
Wandering Glider
Pacific Forktails
Desert Firetails (2)(NEW)
Black Forktail (1) (NEW)

San Diego County

Paul G. Johnson

Sorrento Valley: El Camino Memorial Park

30 minutes, 0.2 mile

Brachymesia furcata -- Red-tailed pennant -- ~3

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- ~10

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags – 1f ovipositing

Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged glider – 1


Santa Clara County

Paul G. Johnson

Coyote Creek along Gilroy Hot Springs Rd.


Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot -- 3

Enallagma carunculatum – Tule bluet

Argia emma -- Emma's dancer -- ~20 OC Record #7338  PHOTO RECORD CA Chart #76

Argia lugens -- Sooty dancer -- ~20

Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer  -- many

Aeshna walkeri -- Walker's darner (probably) -- ~3

Mosaic darner -- ~2

Sympetrum pallipes -- Striped meadowhawk -- ~3

Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail -- 2

Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer -- 3

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags -- ~15

Santa Clara County

Coyote Creek County Park, north of Morgan Hill


Ischnura cervula -- Pacific forktail -- ~8

Ischnura denticollis – Black-fronted forktail -- ~8

Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail -- ~20

Argia emma -- Emma's dancer -- 1

Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer -- 10

Anax junius -- Common green darner -- ~20

? Anax walsinghami – Giant darner? -- 1

? Rhionaeschna multicolor -- Blue-eyed darner? -- ~4

Pachydiplax longipennis -- Blue dasher -- 2

Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer -- ~5

Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail – 1m

Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk -- 1

? Pantala flavescens – Wandering glider?


Shasta County

John Sterling

Manzanita Lake at Reflection Pond (Lake) in Lassen National Park

* Chalk-fronted Corporal Libellula julia– last report 2006

July 14, 2006
Alpine County
John Hall, David Edwards
Curtz LakenTime; 08:25-10:38 Temp. 80F
Northern Spreadwing  30 (1 in-hand)                
Emerald Spreadwing  1000                 
Boreal Bluet  4 (in-hand)                       
Bluet,sp  5000                           
Boreal/Northern Bluet  1500              
Western Forktail   20 (1 in-hand)                  
Mosaic Darner,sp  25                   
Common Green Darner  1                
Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  3  (in flight-appendages seen)    "Not on Alpine list but see note below."
* Crimson-ringed Whiteface Leucorrhinia glacialis 1 (new county record-specimen taken)
Eight-spotted Skimmer  Libellula forensis  15 (photo record)    "Not on Alpine list but see note below."          
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  40             
Four-spotted Skimmer   30              
Variegated Meadowhawk  2              
Striped Meadowhawk   5                
*Note: The California reports from 2004 show that Steve Rovell reported 1 Blue-eyed Darner and 2-3 Eight-spotted Skimmers from 
[* further note from KB: new county records marked here but the Blue-eyed  will be attributed to Steve Rovell – thanks John & David)
Grover Hot Springs on July 28, 2004.
Monitor Pass Lakes  Time: 11:10-11:50 Temp. 80F
Northern Spreadwing  30                
Emerald Spreadwing   50                
Boreal/Northern Bluet 30               
Western Forktail                   
Mosaic Darner,sp                   
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  6             
Variegated Meadowhawk  4              
Heenan Lake  Time: 12:15-13:37 Temp. 83F
Northern Spreadwing  40                
Emerald Spreadwing   1                
Western Red Damsel   7                
Boreal Bluet  1 (in-hand)                       
Tule Bluet  5 (in-hand)                         
Boreal/Northern Bluet  500              
Western Forktail  10                   
Mosaic Darner,sp   3                  
Common Green Darner                
Western Pondhawk Erythemis collocata   2 males  (new county record-sighting only)
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  10             
Four-spotted Skimmer  15               
Striped Meadowhawk  5                 
Blue Lakes
Surveyed the two ponds on the right between the Tamarack Road intersection and Blue Lakes. Lots of mosquitoes. Time; 14:20-16:15 Temp. 80F
Emerald Spreadwing   2                
Boreal/Northern Bluet 70               
Common Green Darner 1                 
American Emerald  2                   
Eight-spotted Skimmer              
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  10             
Four-spotted Skimmer  35               
July 13, 2006
El Dorado County
John Hall, David Edwards
Cameron Park-Chevron Gas Station Time: 08:45
Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens 2 males (new sight record)
Glider species 8
Grass Lake  Time: 10:20-12:50 Temp. 72F
Northern Spreadwing   2               
Emerald Spreadwing  800                 
*Taiga Bluet Coenagrion resolutum  50                        
Boreal Bluet  2 (in-hand)                       
Boreal/Northern Bluet   50             
Mosaic Darner,sp   1                  
American Emerald   15                  
*Mountain Emerald   5                  
Emerald,sp  15                         
* Hudsonian Whiteface Leucorrhinia hudsonica   60               
Twelve-spotted Skimmer  1             
Four-spotted Skimmer   8              
White-faced Meadowhawk  200    
Monterey County 
Steve Rovell (
Just northeast of Salinas on pond at intersection of San Juan Grade Road and Crazy Horse Canyon Road
Pantala flavescens  (Wandering Glider)  PHOTO RECORD    
Plathemis lydia (Common Whitetail) PHOTO RECORD    
Alpine County
John Hall, David Edwards
Hope Valley Lake 
This is found at the intersection of Highway 88 and Blue Lakes Road. This is our name for this body of water. Its actual name is still unknown. Time: 13:20-15:15 Temp. 76F
Northern Spreadwing  2                
Emerald Spreadwing   60                
Boreal Bluet  2 (in-hand)                       
Tule Bluet  Enallagama carunculatum  15 (new county record-specimen taken) 
Northern Bluet  1 (in-hand)                     
Boreal/Northern Bluet  200              
Western Forktail  1                   
Mosaic Darner,sp                   
Common Green Darner Anax junius  1 (ovipositing-photo record upgrade of prior sight record)                
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula puchella  30 (new county record-specimen taken)   
Four-spotted Skimmer  150               
Striped Meadowhawk  1                 
July ?, 2006
Siskiyou County
Scott Cox
near Hogan Lake while on a backpacking trip in the Russian Wilderness area of northern California (near the small town Etna)
American Emerald, a female photographed

July 11, 2006

Marin County

Paul G. Johnson
Point Reyes National Seashore, seasonal wetland across from Park Headquarters
black spreadwing - a few
** swift forktail Ischnura erratica - 3 (1f, 2m) – last time reported in 2006
Western forktail - many
Pacific forktail - many 
*  San Francisco forktail Ischnura gemina - many (several photographed well enough to see appendages, 
so I assume all were this species)  first report 2006


July 10, 2006

Siskiyou County

Paul G. Johnson

Shasta River: Old Shasta Rd, 1.8 miles N Hwy 263


Calopteryx aequabilis -- River jewelwing -- 1

Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot -- ~35

Argia emma -- Emma's dancer – 6

Argia lugens -- Sooty dancer

Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer

* Gomphus kurilis -- Pacific clubtail -- ~10 – last confirmed report for 2006

* Ophiogomphus occidentis -- Sinuous snaketail -- ~4 – last report 2006

Libellula nodisticta -- Hoary skimmer – 1f

Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer


July 9, 2006

Siskiyou County

Paul G. Johnson

Old Stage Rd. @ Shasta River? Bridge (a bit north of Hammond Pond)


* Octogomphus specularis – Grappletail – last report for 2006

Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer

? Cordulegaster dorsalis -- Pacific spiketail?

Rail Creek Rd., pond 0.5 mile from Hwy 9 (did not go behind Private Property signs)


Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail

Blue damsels

Anax junius -- Common green darner

Rhionaeschna californica -- California darner

? Ophiogomphus morrisoni -- Great basin snaketail?

*Cordulia shurtleffii -- American emerald

Leucorrhinia intacta -- Dot-tailed whiteface

*Tetragoneuria canis -- Beaverpond baskettail – last date seen in 2006

* Ladona julia -- Chalk-fronted corporal

Libellula pulchella -- Twelve-spotted skimmer


Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags

Klamath River within 10 miles west of Hwy 5

1545-1845 (lots of driving)

Argia emma -- Emma's dancer

Hetaerina americana -- American rubyspot

Gomphus kurilis -- Pacific clubtail -- abundant

Ophiogomphus occidentis -- Sinuous snaketail -- abundant

Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer July 9, 2006

Hammond Ranch Pond


Ischnura cervula -- Pacific forktail

Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail

Lestes dryas -- Emerald spreadwing

Lestes disjunctus – Common spreadwing

Blue damsel sp.

Mosaic darner sp.

Anax junius -- Common green darner

Leucorrhinia intacta -- Dot-tailed whiteface

?Sympetrum corruptum -- Variegated meadowhawk?

Sympetrum obtrusum – White-faced meadowhawk

* Sympetrum occidentale -- Western meadowhawk

Sympetrum illotum -- Cardinal meadowhawk


Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail

Libellula pulchella -- Twelve-spotted skimmer

Libellula quadrimaculata -- Four-spotted skimmer

Libellula saturata -- Flame skimmer

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags

Rail Creek Rd., pond 0.5 mile from Hwy 9 (did not go

behind Private Property signs)


Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail

Blue damsels

Anax junius -- Common green darner

Rhionaeschna californica -- California darner

? Ophiogomphus morrisoni -- Great basin snaketail?

Cordulia shurtleffii -- American emerald

Leucorrhinia intacta -- Dot-tailed whiteface

Tetragoneuria canis -- Beaverpond baskettail

Ladona julia -- Chalk-fronted corporal

Libellula pulchella -- Twelve-spotted skimmer


Plathemis lydia -- Common whitetail

Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags

July 8, 2006
Imperial County
Douglas Aguillard
Jeff Cole gave me directions to several Odes that he had observed in Southern California, and with these directions 
he also gave me GPS coordinates. I decided to go and look for several species that I've never seen. My first stop was 
at the Holtville Hot Springs 32*45.953 115*.16.130 and saw many White-belted Ringtails, Western Pondhawks, Blue 
Dashers, and a Red Saddlebags. There were many Familiar Bluets, *Powdered Dancers Argia moesta and 
Blue-ringed Dancers, and one American Rubyspot.
I then headed to the East Main Canal/Sinclair Road site 33*10.578 115*24.795 north of Calipatria. Here was mostly nothing, 
not like previous years. Only 1 White-belted Ringtail, Familiar Bluets, and Powdered Dancers.
It was at the Wiester Unit 33*16.861 115*34.783 that the most activity occurred with lots of Comanche Skimmers, Roseate 
Skimmers, Blue Dashers, Western Pondhawks, and 1 Red Saddlebags.
Off to the biggest surprise (Maybe Bob Miller can explain this one). I then stopped at the New River Water Project and found 
absolutely NOTHING. It looks like the water people are taking out the vegetation, lowering the water level, and it doesn't look 
like fresh water is heading into the project.
My final stop was at Sunbeam Lake (forgot to GPS it). There was tons of Familiar Bluets, *Blue-ringed Dancers Argia sedula, 
Powdered Dancers, and a few Rambur's Forktails. Several Mexican Amberwings were seen, but the best surprise was a male 
and female Marl Pennant. This species was first found only a few short years ago at the 
South end of the Salton Sea (about 25 miles to the north of Sunbeam, so know they are at the southwest corner of the Imperial Valley. 
San Diego County should get it's first in short order.
July 7, 2006
Alameda County 
Doug Vaughan & Doris Kreshmer
We visited Sunol Regional Wilderness yesterday, walking Alameda Creek between the Ohlone Camp Road bridge and the area just 
below Little Yosemite. The spigot at Calaveras Reservoir has been turned off, and the creek is again its docile self.
After confirming the presence of most "expected" species (or species pairs, in the case of bluets), we became somewhat casual in 
observing "blue" damsels, both dancers and bluets, so it's hard to comment on their relative abundance. In general, though, except 
as noted, damsels seemed less common than on our single visit last year, when we watched tandem pairs of ovipositing Calif. Dancers, 
males erect with beating wings, lined up on steamside stems.
Here's the list. (Note that we saw NO darners along the creek.)
Am. Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) -- Abundant and conspicuous.
Calif. Dancer (Argia agrioides) -- Several observed closely, but not in hand; probably fairly common. I can't exclude Aztec Dancer
  (A. nahuana), which is not known from Alameda County. Further study is warranted, as they say.
Emma's Dancer (A. emma) -- Only a few observed.
Sooty Dancer (A. lugens) -- Very common.
Vivid Dancer (A. vivida) -- Fairly common.
Tule/Arroyo Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum/praevarum) -- Uncommon, but far more common than....
N./Boreal Bluet (E. annexum/boreale) -- Very few. I collected one male, planning to examine it closely at home, but then contrived to 
lose the terminal segments of the abdomen. Jeez!
Exclamation Damsel (Zoniagrion exclamationis) -- 1 male.
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula) -- A few males.
W. Forktail (I. perparva) -- 2 or 3 males.
Pacific Clubtail (Gomphus kurilis) -- 2
* Bison Snaketail (Ophiogomphus bison) -- 1 male. – last report 2006
Western River Cruiser (Macromia magnifica) -- 2; 1 male collected. [upgrade of prior photo record]
Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sympetrum illotum) -- Fairly common, or at least conspicuous.
Red-veined (Meadowhawk (S. madidum) -- 1 female examined in hand.
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) -- 1 or 2 males.
Com. Whitetail (Plathemis lydia) -- 2 males.
Widow Skimmer (Libellula luctuosa) -- 3 or 4 males; many seen later, elsewhere in the park.
Flame Skimmer (L. saturata) -- Common and conspicuous.
Red Rock Skimmer (Paltothemis lineatipes) -- 1 male collected. [upgrade of prior photo record]
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) -- 1 or 2; many seen overhead later, elsewhere in the park.
The collected species will go to the park's voucher collection. The River Cruiser and Red Rock Skimmer look to be specimen vouchers 
for Alameda County, though John Hall and David Edwards have photographed both and presumably did not collect specimens by choice.
 The documentation of several first county records owes to their energy.
Monterey County
Don Roberson
Odello West, Carmel River State Beach
Rhionaeschna californica (California Darner)  photo record
Contra Costa County
John Hall, David Edwards
Mount Diablo State Park
Curry Canyon Road from Curry Point to road to Frog Pond
Vivid Dancer 1
Mosaic Darner,sp 10
Common Green Darner 6
Blue-eyed Darner 2
Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens -  2 (new for county)
Spot-winged Glider 7
Glider,sp 10
Black Saddlebags 5
Sheepherder Spring
Black Spreadwing 4
Vivid Dancer 15
Eight-spotted Skimmer 1
Cardinal Meadowhawk 3
Chase Pond
Northern Spreadwing 4
Black Spreadwing 600
Tule Bluet 15
Familiar Bluet 10
Arroyo Bluet 10
Western Forktail 7
Desert Firetail 1
Mosaic Darner,sp 1
Common Green Darner 4
Common Whitetail 5
Variegated Meadowhawk 1
Cardinal Meadowhawk 4
Striped Meadowhawk 2
Black Saddlebags 5
"Junction Pond" -This pond was a short distance down the road to Frog Pond near the junction of the road up to Chase Pond. 
Unsure if it has a designated name.
Black Spreadwing 150
Vivid Dancer 1
Tule Bluet 1
Familiar Bluet 2
Western Forktail 8
Desert Firetail 1
Mosaic Darner,sp 1
Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella - 2 (new for county-photographed)
Blue Dasher 1
Wandering Glider 1
Common Whitetail 8
Cardinal Meadowhawk 3
July 2, 2006
Marin County 
Paul Saraceni, Eric Preston, Kim Kreitinger 
We checked a few locations (Nicasio Reservoir, Lagunitas Creek, Olema Marsh, 2 stops in Pt. Reyes NS) in western Marin Co. for odes
yesterday afternoon. Wind and somewhat cool temperatures hampered us, but we had pretty good luck with the local damselflies for Marin.
Our list:
Northern/Boreal Bluet sp. 1 m. (SE corner of Nicasio Res.)
Tule/Arroyo Bluet sp. 2 m. (SE corner of Nicasio Res.)
Familiar Bluet 1 m. (SE corner of Nicasio Res.)
Arroyo Bluet 1 m. (in-hand ID) (stock pond on rd. to Estero Trailhead, PRNS)
Exclamation Damsel 4 (entrance rd. to Olema Marsh)
Pacific Forktail 20+ (Nicasio Res.; rd. to Olema Marsh; stock pond)
Black-fronted/San Francisco Forktail sp. 4 m., 1 f. ("creek" nr. Bull Point Trailhead, PRNS)
Swift Forktail 1 f. (entrance rd. to Olema Marsh)
Western Forktail 20+ (incl. several orange teneral f.) (Nicasio Res.; rd. to Olema Marsh; stock pond)
Western Red Damsel 1 m., 1 imm. m., 1 f. ("creek" nr. Bull Point Trailhead, PRNS)
Blue-eyed Darner 10+ (Nicasio Res.; Olema Marsh)
Cardinal Meadowhawk 4 (Olema Marsh)
Flame Skimmer 1 m. (rd. to Olema Marsh)
Wandering Glider 2 (Olema Marsh; behind Inverness Store)
Spot-winged Glider 2 (behind Inverness Store)
July 2-3, 2006
Plumas County
Paul G. Johnson
Willow Lake, July 2
Lestes dryas -- Emerald spreadwing
*Coenagrion resolutum – Taiga bluet
?Enallagma civile – Familiar bluet?
No/Bo Bluet
Ischnura cervula -- Pacific forktail
Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail
Nehalennia irene -- Sedge sprite
Amphiagrion abbreviatum -- Western red damsel
?Aeshna palmata -- Paddle-tailed darner?
Cordulia shurtleffii -- American emerald
Somatochlora semicircularis -- Mountain emerald
Leucorrhinia hudsonica -- Hudsonian whiteface
Leucorrhinia intacta -- Dot-tailed whiteface
Meadowhawk sp.
Ladona julia -- Chalk-fronted corporal
8-/12-spotted skimmer
Libellula quadrimaculata -- Four-spotted skimmer
Butterfly Valley, July 3
Ischnura perparva -- Western forktail
Argia vivida -- Vivid dancer
Lestes dryas -- Emerald spreadwing
Lestes disjunctus – Common spreadwing
* Tanypteryx hageni -- Black Petaltail – last date reported 2006
Mosaic Darner sp.
Cordulia shurtleffii -- American emerald
Leucorrhinia hudsonica -- Hudsonian whiteface
Leucorrhinia intacta -- Dot-tailed whiteface
Erythemis simplicollis collocata -- Western pondhawk
Libellula pulchella -- Twelve-spotted skimmer
Libellula forensis -- Eight-spotted skimmer
Libellula quadrimaculata -- Four-spotted skimmer
? Sympetrum madidum – Red-veined meadowhawk?
Tramea lacerata -- Black saddlebags
Cordulegaster dorsalis -- Pacific spiketail
July 1, 2006
Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP
Northern Spreadwing  10                
Vivid Dancer   60                      
Pacific Forktail   7                  
Swift Forktail                     
Western Forktail  2                   
Mosaic Darner,sp  3                   
Blue-eyed Darner  1                   
Pacific Spiketail   3                 
Wandering Glider                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk   4               
Northern Spreadwing    10              
Black Spreadwing    12                 
Boreal/Northern Bluet   1             
Arroyo Bluet  40                       
Pacific Forktail  20                   
Western Forktail  15                   
Mosaic Darner,sp  3                   
Common Green Darner   10               
Blue-eyed Darner  1                   
Pacific Spiketail  1                  
Western Pondhawk   3                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer  40              
Widow Skimmer                      
Flame Skimmer  20                      
Blue Dasher  160                        
Spot-winged Glider  1                 
Common Whitetail  1                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk  10                
Red-veined Meadowhawk   3             
Striped Meadowhawk   1 
San Mateo County
Skyline Ridge OSP
Alpine Pond
Black Spreadwing   9                  
California Dancer  30                  
Arroyo Bluet  2                       
Pacific Forktail  4                   
Western Forktail  2                   
Mosaic Darner,sp   4                  
Common Green Darner  1                
Blue-eyed Darner   1                  
Pacific Spiketail  3                  
Western Pondhawk   6                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer   14             
Widow Skimmer  1                      
Flame Skimmer  15                      
Blue Dasher  40                        
Common Whitetail  1                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk  3                
Black Saddlebags   5                 
Horseshoe Lake
California Dancer   40                 
Boreal Bluet  4                       
Tule Bluet   2                        
Arroyo Bluet                       
Pacific Forktail  18                   
Western Forktail  1                   
Mosaic Darner,sp   5                  
Common Green Darner 3                 
Western Pondhawk   4                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer  60              
Widow Skimmer  5                      
Flame Skimmer  40                      
Blue Dasher  60                        
Black Saddlebags   10 
Monterey County
Steve Rovell
Arroyo Seco River
Desert Firetail, Telebasis Salva – photo of male for 1st county record            
June 2006
June 29, 2006
Shasta County
Bruce Deuel
Today I checked the pond closest to the Battle Creek Wildlife Area's main visitor parking lot on Coleman Fish Hatchery Road.  I saw
Pacific Clubtail-1
Sinuous Snaketail- 4
Western Pondhawk- 6-8
Flame Skimmer- 1
Eight-spotted Skimmer- 4-5
Widow Skimmer-15-20
Twelve-spotted Skimmer- 1
Common Whitetail- 1
Blue Dasher- 5
Black Saddlebags- 8
Contra Costa County
Doug Vaughan
I returned to the Maricich and Sindicich Lagoons in Briones Regional Park, Contra Costa County, this afternoon, continuing my survey of several East Bay parks. 
The season has been disappointingly slow in getting started, at least close to the Bay, but today things were jumpin'. Most exciting were very good looks at a Red 
Saddlebags (a first for the county, barring recent reports I haven't heard); most frustrating was its unwillingness to let me get within net-swinging range. There may 
have been two individuals, or perhaps just one visiting two ponds about a quarter mile apart.
The day's list follows:
*Northern Spreadwing (Lestes disjunctus) -- only one in hand
Black Spreadwing (L. stultus) -- still the most numerous spreadwing, many in tandem
Tule Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum) -- three in hand, among fairly common Tule/Arroyo types
Boreal/N./Familiar bluets (E. sp.) -- only two or three, a bit puzzling to me; none netted
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula) -- only a few
W. Forktail (I. perparva) -- females fairly common at one  lagoon, apparently rare elsewhere
Com. Green Darner (Anax junius) -- very common
Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna multicolor) -- very common
Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sympetrum illotum) -- a dozen or so
Red-veined Meadowhawk (S. pallipes) -- two
W. Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata) -- fairly common, but less common than....
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) -- fairly common
Common Whitetail (Plathemis lydia) -- abundant
Eight-spotted Skimmer (Libellula forensis) -- very common
Widow Skimmer (L. luctuosa) -- two or three
Flame Skimmer (L. saturata) -- two or three
Black Saddlebags (Tramea lacerata) – common
Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta) -- one or two (first sight record for CC County)
Colusa county
Greg Kareofelas 
Libellula nodisticta Hoary Skimmer  specimen record
Giant Darner @ Bear Creek 
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area
California Dancer  200                  
Tule Bluet  21                         
Arroyo Bluet  14                       
Pacific Forktail  22                   
Western Forktail  1                   
Common Green Darner  17                
Blue-eyed Darner  23                   
Pacific Clubtail  1                   
Western Pondhawk  15                   
Eight-spotted Skimmer  6              
Widow Skimmer   90                     
Flame Skimmer   100                     
Blue Dasher   75                       
Wandering Glider                   
Spot-winged Glider  1                 
Red-veined Meadowhawk              
Black Saddlebags   45                  
June 25, 2006
San Diego County 
Doug Aguillard
Borrego Springs (Anza Borrego State Park, Golf Courses)
Blue-eyed Darner
Roseate Skimmer
Variegated Meadowhawk
Spot-winged Glider
* Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta
Rambur's Forktail
*Aztec Dancer Argia nahuana
Blue-ringed Dancer
Familiar Bluet 
Doane Pond, Mt. Palomar State Park
Giant Darner
Common Green Darner
California Darner
Flame Skimmer
Cardinal Meadowhawk
Common Whitetail
Northern Bluet
Western Forktail
Cardinal Meadowhawk
La Jolla Indian Reservation (San Luis Rey River)
*Gray Sanddragon Progomphus borealis 
Sooty Dancer
American Rubyspot
Vivid Dancer
Tule Bluet
California Dancer
Black-fronted Dancer
Desert Firetail
Fallbrook (Santa Margarita River)
*White-belted Ringtail Erpetogomphus compositus
Red Rock Skimmer
Pale-faced Clubskimmer 
Laguna Meadow, Laguna Mountains
Spotted Spreadwing
Pine Valley Creek, Laguna Mountains
Pacific Spiketail
*Lavender Dancer Argia hinei
Santee Lakes
Black Saddlebags
Mexican Amberwing
Western Pondhawk
Blue Dasher
Red-tailed Pennant
Greenwood Cemetery
Pacific Forktail

June 24, 2006
Colusa County

Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bear Creek @ Highway 20

When Dave and I were heading north earlier this month on June 13tn, we stopped briefly at Bear Creek and were disappointed to find NO Odes flying.
We stopped by again on our return and had better luck:
8:15 -8:30 pm
Vivid Dancer
Flame Skimmer - many patrolling
Spot-winged Glider
Red-veined Meadowhawk
Black Saddlebags
What we were disappointed not to see were Giant Darners.


Then, 2 miles further down the road, in Lake County we were stopped because of road work.

The flagger was standing under a big, bright lamp. And we were amazed when a Giant Darner came sweeping over the car. We saw it again and again and it was getting to dusk so I got out the car. Amazingly, at least 5 Giant Darners were coursing over the road, catching bugs, with them was one Glider. I think this may only be the 2nd time Giants have been found in Lake Co, the other time being the county record by Andy Rehn at Pope Creek a year or two ago.

It was amazing to see them feeding away from the water like this. Several kept diving right over my head the flagger lady said that somehow I was attracting them! Maybe I was attracting mosquitoes or gnats?? And they were feeding on them?? Anyway, I felt like I was in Fairy Land!! :-)


Yolo County
Niclole Nanette
I-5 southbound reststop
*Pale-faced Clubskimmer Brechmorhoga mendax – 1 f, photo taken
June 17, 2006
Shasta County
Ray Bruun 
Took my Lake McCumber dragonfly trip today.  Lake McCumber is about 10 miles east of Shingletown at an elevation of 4,000 feet .  One of the 
Northern/ Boreal Bluets was pretty strange looking.  I got a couple of 
pictures of it (see -
Dot-tailed Whiteface - 1-2 males, 1 possible female
Common Whitetail - 2 males
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - common
Four-spotted Skimmer - common
*White-faced Meadowhawk Sympetrum obtrusum - 2 female (teneral)
Striped Meadowhawk - 1 female (teneral)
Common Green Darner - 1 male
California Darner - pair
Blue-eyed Darner - 2 - 3 males
Spotted Spreadwing - 1 male teneral (although there were quite a few 
teneral spreadwings, I only IDed one)
*Emerald Spreadwing Lestes dryas - 1 male
Northern/Boreal Bluet - common
Pacific Forktail - common
Western Forktail - several
Butterflies: lots of California Tortoiseshell, some blues, Juniper 
Hairstreak, one Golden Hairstreak, one sulphur, etc.
June 16, 2006 
San Diego County
Douglas Aguillard
Common Green Darner
Blue-eyed Darners
Flame Skimmers
Cardinal Meadowhawks
Pacific Spiketails- 2 in Pine Valley Creek
Northern Bluets
Tule Bluets
California Dancer
Vivid Dancers
Western Forktails
American Rubyspot
*Spotted Spreadwings Lestes congener -by the thousands in the Laguna Meadows area
June 15, 2006

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs
Soda Springs, McCloud
Blue-eyed Darner
- 6, one male examined in hand, others supposed to be
this species
Western Pondhawk -
Common Whitetail -
200 or more. The most we've ever seen at once!
Hoary Skimmer -
1 male
12-spotted Skimmer - 
12, inc. ovipositing
4-spotted Skimmer -
Cardinal Meadowhawk -
Red-veined Meadowhawk -
Black Saddlebags -
Western Red Damsel -
northern/boreal Bluet -
Pacific Forktail -
1 male
Swift Forktail -
Western Forktail -

Earlier in the day we’d seen a Butterfly migratory event: abt. 1000 Califofrnia Tortoiseshell butterflies were passing thru, heading north at abt the 4000 ft level of the SE side of Mt. Shasta, out of McCloud.

June 11, 2006
Sonoma County 
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Pine Flat Road
I had the following:
Black Petaltails
Blue-eyed Darners
Blue Dashers
Flame Skimmers
Cardinal Meadowhawks
Common Whitetails
Eight-spotted Skimmers
Red-veined Meadowhawks
Vivid Dancers
Emma's Dancers
Fresno County
Ray Bruun & family
Kingsburg, Helmke Pond - east of Selma near Monmouth
Familiar Bluet – photos taken
Tule Bluets– photos taken
Variegated Meadowhawk – photos taken
June 10, 2006
Sonoma County
Dave and Kathy Biggs, Michael Ellis, Karen DeMello and Jan Hintermaster
We led a dragonfly walk for Footloose Forays (Michael Ellis) at Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. 
Our sightings:
Tule Bluet - one male
Pacific Forktail -  a few dozen
Western Forktail - one female
Blue-eyed Darner - several, one male in-hand
possibly some Calif. Darners seen
Common Green Darner - 2 males
Pacific Clubtail - one male
Eight-spotted Skimmer - many
Widow Skimmer - 3-4 mature males, 1 imm. male
Common Whitetail - >dozen
Flame Skimmer - 4 males
Blue Dasher - 6-10
Red-veined Meadowhawk - one female
Pretty low count considering we had perfect weather!
June 9, 2006
Alameda  County
Douglas Vaughan
I spent about three hours at Sunol Regional Wilderness yesterday, where Alameda Creek continues to run very high, at least below the mouth of 
Calavera Creek. I missed several of the species seen by John Hall and David Edwards on Tuesday and added only Widow Skimmer to their list. I 
was pleased, however, to find a single Bison Snaketail and two or three W. River Cruisers.
I've received a permit to survey several East Bay Regional Parks this season, and the Sunol staff, in particular, has asked me to collect a 
specimen for as many of the park's species as possible. I was unable to net several species that would have served as vouchers for the county 
(one river cruiser was particularly predictable in its movements, but it wasn't worth total immersion!). I did, however, collect a 
Pacific Clubtail Gomphus kurilis, [upgrade of prior photo record] which will go to the park collection, unless they prefer that
it be deposited in a curated museum collection.
June 6, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Sunol Regional Wilderness 
We spent about 6 hours along Alameda Creek. First we went downstream
from the  Visitors' Center then upstream starting from the vehicular
bridge over the creek.
The creek was much lower in the morning but higher in the afternoon
after a release from Calaveras Reservoir. 
23 species
American Rubyspot  35                  
California Dancer  9     (presumed)            
Emma's Dancer  110                      
Sooty Dancer                       
Vivid Dancer  115                       
Tule Bluet  1                         
Bluet,sp   13                          
Northern Bluet  8                     
Arroyo Bluet  2                       
Pacific Forktail  1                   
Western Forktail  12                   
Exclamation Damsel  1                 
Mosaic Darner,sp  30                   
Common Green Darner                
California Darner   5                 
Pacific Clubtail  12                   
Bison Snaketail  1                    
*Western River Cruiser Macromia magnifica   3              
Western Pondhawk  3                   
Flame Skimmer   9                     
Blue Dasher   2                       
Common Whitetail  14                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk                
Red-veined Meadowhawk  2              
Black Saddlebags   1       
June 5, 2006
Lassen County
Tim Manolis
Zamboni Hot Springs  Date 
Western Pondhawk (see note below)
*Hoary Skimmer Libellula nodisticta
Flame Skimmers 
Desert Whitetails Libellula subornata
Note: Females of Western Pondhawks are often referred to as our only "all green 
dragonfly", but occasionally they are not entirely green.  I have even seen some 
females that were nearly entirely tan colored and not at all green.  This 
particular female was a mosaic of dark brown, tan and green, and even the green color 
wasn't the typical "grass green" of this species but was more aqua (blue-green) 
in color.  Particularly interesting was the pattern on the thorax, with green 
sides separated from green on the top of the thorax by a dark brown "shoulder 
stripe," much like the pattern of some Ophiogomphus spp.  Note that this 
particular female had seen better days -- not only were her wings old and 
tattered, but she was missing the tarsi and/or tarsal claws on her legs!
June 4, 2006

Sonoma County

K&D Biggs, Curtis & Tracy Kendall, Phyllis Schmitt, Linda Petrulias, Geil Witt, Chris Heaivilin
We had a very pleasant day of dragonflying on Pine Flat Rd. Yesterday it was probably blisteringly hot up there, but today was

very pleasant, 70-84 degree range. I think the heat scared off a lot of folks who had planned to attend. But that just meant that

we got to give everyone personal attention and good looks at the dflies. We ended up seeing 21 species, which is more than 10X

our # there last year when it was a foggy day for the Madrone Audubon sponsored outing!

We were especially pleased to find the Black Petaltails out and about. They were quite cooperative and we were able to net a male

and give everyone close up looks at him and his petals. Later we had a pair 'hook-up' and then perch and form the wheel for us.

Chris Heaivilin was able to get some really nice shots.
What we didn't see were any River Cruisers when we stopped at the Russian River @ Alexander Valley Rd.- also there were hardly

 any Rubyspots out. The river is still running quite high...
Our list:
Western Pondhawk - mile 9 pond (M9P), a pair in wheel and then ovipositing
8-spotted Skimmer - M9p & above creek @ 1 mile marker (1mm)
Widow Skimmer - one female/young male seen flying over lower Pine Flat before the first bridge over Sasal Creek
Common Whitetail - Rebizzo Pond, M9P, 1mm
12-spotted Skimmer - 1 female, M9P
Flame Skimmer - first bridge over Sasal Creek, Rebizzo Pond, M9P, pond on Sasal Creek
Cardinal Meadowhawk - M9P
*Black Petaltail Tanypteryx hageni - 2 males at seep before M9P and one pair directly across the rd. from where you park to walk into M9P
-first sighting of this species this year
California Darner - 1 m at M9P
Blue-eyed Darner - 1 m Rebizzo Pond
Common Green Darner - 1 m M9P
Pacific Clubtail - several males and a tandem pair Russian River (RR)
no Bison Snaketails seen!
Grappletail - a male at Rebizzo Pond and a female (Chris got photos) @ pond on Sasal Creek
American Rubyspot - a very few at 1mm  & RR
Black Spreadwing - several at M9P; nymph found in pond
Emma's Dancer - several at RR
Sooty Dancer - 1mm
Vivid Dancer - everywhere! Nymph found in M9P
Northern Bluet - M9P, pond on Sasal Creek, RR
Familiar Bluet - RR
Western Forktail  - M9P, pond on Sasal Creek
no Pacific Forktails seen!
But at our home pond in Sebastopol, during dinner, we did see Pacific Forktails (species #22), and some Vivid Dancers!


Shasta County

Ray Bruun
Nora Lake
One of the more interesting finds was a pair of Pacific Forktails in wheel in which the female was andromorphic.  
I don't recall seeing this before and, luckily, was able to photograph them.
Common Whitetail - 2 adult males, 1 teneral female
*Hoary Skimmer Libellula nodisticta - 1 female
Twelve-spotted Skimmer - several
Four-spotted Skimmer - 1 young/teneral
Cardinal Meadowhawk - male and female
Beaverpond Baskettail - 1
Common Green Darner - several males + a pair in tandem
Blue-eyed Darner - several
Bluet species (not Tule) - several, on pair in tandem
Pacific Forktail - abundant
Swift Forktail - ~10
Western Forktail - ~15
June 1, 2006
Stanislaus County
John Hall, David Edwards
Del Puerto Canyon from PM 1 to PM 18.
American Rubyspot  140                  
California Dancer  4 (in hand)                  
California/Aztec Dancer  50            
Sooty Dancer   5                      
Vivid Dancer  300                       
Bluet,sp  30                           
Northern Bluet   5 (in hand)                    
Boreal/Northern Bluet  100              
Black-fronted Forktail  2 (1 in hand)             
Western Forktail   4                  
Desert Firetail   2                   
Common Green Darner                
*Giant Darner Anax walsinghami  3                       
Blue-eyed Darner  5                   
Pacific Clubtail  2                   
Bison Snaketail   1                   
Western Pondhawk   3                  
Flame Skimmer  130                      
Blue Dasher  3                        
Common Whitetail  2                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk  1                
Black Saddlebags   1    
May 2006
Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-29)
Plumas County
Doug Vaughan
On a long weekend trip …. we had swarms of dragonflies at the Butterfly Valley Botanical Reserve, mostly Four-spotted Skimmers, 
Twelve-spotted Skimmers, and *Dot-tailed Whitefaces Leucorrhinia intacta. The latter may be the first of the year. We saw no Black Petaltails.
We also watched a Pacific Spiketail progress from a nymph climbing a grassy leaf to a nearly fully-formed teneral, still clinging to its 
exuvia, roughly a two-hour process.
May 29, 2006
San Benito County
Paul Johnson
Pinnacles National Monument
stock pond outside Monument:
spotted spreadwing
black spreadwing
Western forktail
common whitetail 
Tuolumne County
Doug Aguillard
Meadowhawk (sp?)
Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Western Pondhawk
Bluets (sp?)

May 28, 2006

Shasta County

Ray Bruun
I took two and a half hours this morning to wander around Nora Lake, a small PG&E forebay not far from my home in Shingletown.  I was hoping not to be too late for Swift 
Forktail, which tends to be an early season species in our area.  After looking for quite a while and only spotting one male and a couple of females, I ran into twenty or so 
individuals in some weeds at the east end of the lake.
Pictures are up:
It seems to me that male Swift Forktail at Nora Lake don't have the very long lower appendages compared to those I've seen on scanned/photographed specimens 
from elsewhere.  Anyone know if this might be due to geographic variation?
The species seen today at Nora Lake:
Pacific Forktail - abundant
Western Forktail - ~10-15
Swift Forktail - ~5 male/20 female
Bluet species - 1 (male with much more blue than black on abdominal segments)
Blue-eyed Darner - 1 male
Darner sp. - unk. young/teneral Darner (possibly California) flushed ahead of me and was promptly eaten by male Red-winged Blackbird
Striped Meadowhawk – several
Marin County
Paul Saraceni and daughters
Dolliver Park, Larkspur 
…. a short, sun-dappled stretch of the creek - were pleased to observe the following:
Vivid Dancer 10+ (including 4 tandem pairs)
Exclamation Damsel 1 m.
Swift Forktail 1 m.
Grappletail 1 m. (very obliging; briefly landed on my arm)

May 27, 2006

Sonoma County

Doug Aguillard, Pat Sherman, Kathy & Dave Biggs
Pine Flat Rd., east of Healdsburg
It was a cool and windy morning, and we were afraid we wouldn’t find much.
From 10 – 1:00 all we found at the upper pond and along the road were:
Vivid Dancer – a few
Northern/Boreal Bluet (specimen taken, tbd) – 1 male, photo taken also
Western Forktail - a few females seen, photos taken
Darner sp. - 1
Common Green Darner – 1
Flame Skimmer –1
Luckily we decided to stop at the one mile marker and look down into the creek on our way out.
Here, we lucked out!
*Sooty Dancer – several immatures; 1 adult male
Vivid Dancer – several, photos taken
Bison Snaketail – several males, photos taken and a lifer for Doug and Pat
Beaverpond Baskettail – several males patrolling, photos taken

8-spotted Skimmer – males and females, photos taken

Common Whitetail – males and females, photos taken

Flame Skimmer - males and females, photos taken

Blue Dasher – 1 male, photos taken

Red-veined Meadowhawk – males and females, photos taken

Then we drove to Sebastopol to the Sonoma Horticultural Gardens

Exclamation Damsel – dozens, males and females, photos taken; a lifer for Doug and Pat

And at the Biggs’ backyard pond at 6 pm, Vivid Dancers


San Benito County
Paul Johnson
Pinnacles National Monument Bear Gulch Reservoir (9:30 a.m.):
northern bluet
flame skimmer

common whitetail


May 27, 2006
San Benito County
Paul Johnson
Pinnacles National Monument
South Wilderness:
American rubyspot - abundant
California dancer
Vivid dancer
California darner - male, caught & released
Blue-eyed darner
Flame skimmer

Cardinal meadowhawk


May 26, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area, Pleasanton
11:am to 3:30pm
California Dancer  1                  
California/Aztec Dancer  55            
Tule Bluet  12                         
Bluet,sp  7                           
Arroyo Bluet  11                       
Pacific Forktail   320                  
Exclamation Damsel  2                 
Mosaic Darner,sp  5                   
Common Green Darner  1                
California Darner  1                  
Blue-eyed Darner  10                   
Pacific Clubtail                   
Western Pondhawk   1                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer   1             
Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa  5 - photo taken to upgrade from prior sighting only record                  
Flame Skimmer   3                     
Blue Dasher   40                       
Variegated Meadowhawk  2              
Cardinal Meadowhawk   3               
Red-veined Meadowhawk  3              
Black Saddlebags   1 

May 25, 2006

Siskiyou County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

We took a circuitous route home to Sebastopol from our Mt. Shasta home, in order to chase odes, of course.
Our first stop, in Siskiyou County, was at Soda Springs; east of McCloud on Squaw Valley Rd. Our intent was to capture voucher specimen(s)

of the Swift Forktail that we had seen there earlier this month. We arrived at 10:00 am, and it was only 54 out. It has rained heavily the previous

4 days. We couldn't find a single male Swift Forktail, but luckily we did capture a female! 
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Soda Springs, east of McCloud (10:00-11:00 am)
Western Forktails
Pacific Forktails
Swift Forktails Ischnura erratica
(one female caught as county voucher)
*Western Red Damsels Amphiagrion abbreviatum (first report of the year)
Common Whitetail (one teneral female near exuvia)
*Four-spotted Skimmers Libellula quadrimaculata  (first report of the year)
Then we drove to where Hwy 89 meets Hwy 299 east of Redding and met Joe Smith who led us to several nearby sites in Shasta County.

Shasta County
Kathy & Dave Biggs, Joe Smith

Hat Creek @ Hat Creek Park off Hwy. 299 (12:15-12:45 pm) 66 degrees out
Vivid Dancer - 1 teneral female
Bluet sp. - 1 female
Swift Forktail - 10 (having only seen this species twice in the last 10 yrs, it is amazing to us to be 'bumping' into them seemingly everywhere this Spring!!
Exclamation Damsel - 6 males. This site is just due East of where Koen Breedveld found this species in Shasta County last year and therefore ‘ties’ as most northern inland occurrence.
Darner sp., 1 male
Pit River @ Hwy 299 bridge # 6-67 (just east of prior location) 68 degrees out - we had 'spots before our eyes!)
Vivid Dancer - a few
Western Forktail -
Four-spotted Skimmer -
2, at least one a male
Eight-spotted Skimmer -
1 male, 1 female ovipositing
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -
2 males
Cardinal Meadowhawk -
one male
Hat Creek @ Cassel Road
Familiar Bluet -
many over the pond weeds
Pacific Forktail -
Western Forktail -
Common Green Darner -
several; one tandem pair ovipositing
California Darner
- a few, one female ovipositing

Our route home took us into
Colusa County

Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bear Creek @ Hwy 20
At 5:30 pm, 73 degrees out; seen from the road and we walked to the bridge - not even one Flame Skimmer seen!!
American Rubyspot - 4
Vivid Dancer - a few tenerals
Bluet sp - one teneral female
Amazing not to see more this late in the season!! The water is still a bit high, but not that much more than prior years at this point in time.


Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP
seep area
Black Spreadwing                   
Vivid Dancer  60                       
Pacific Forktail  3                   
Swift Forktail  2                     
California Darner  1                  
Boreal Bluet                       
Bluet,sp  1                           
Arroyo Bluet 20                        
Pacific Forktail  90                   
Western Forktail  5                   
California Darner  5                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer  3              
Cardinal Meadowhawk  4                
Red-veined Meadowhawk  2              
San Mateo County
Skyline Ridge OSP
Alpine Pond
Black Spreadwing  3                   
California Dancer  3                  
Pacific Forktail  80                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk  2                
Horseshoe Lake
California Dancer                  
Tule Bluet                         
Pacific Forktail  90                   
Western Forktail  2                   
California Darner  4                  
Eight-spotted Skimmer  8              
Flame Skimmer                      

Cardinal Meadowhawk  1             

May 22, 2006

Siskiyou County

Dave Payne

Cayuse River Access pond at ~milepost 95 on Highway 96

It was overcast changing to showers during my half hour

stay. Temps were in the low 60's.

Ode activity seemed non-existent.  I finally found two male River Jewelwings perched in the pond side vegetation.


May 21, 2006

Siskiyou County

Dave Payne

…pond at the Happy Camp Riverside Park. It was overcast and cool with scattered showers.

Temps were in the mid 60's.At first glance I saw no ode activity at all. Closer examination of 

pondside vegetation revealed several damsels. I saw:

Western Forktail- several males

Pacific Forktail- several males


May 20, 2006

Riverside County

Douglas Aguillard

I attempted to kill myself, by going into the 100+ degree heat of the Salton Sea area at Dos Palmas. I was attempting to find both

Paiute Dancers and Desert Whitetails as both would be life odes for me.I did find the Paiutes, so yea!, but I'll tell you all, that it was

extremely hot out there and you have to walk about a mile in, and then a mile out. Take plenty of water, and hope for the kindly

BLM man who let me hitch hike back to the parking lot.

Pauite Dancers

Familiar Bluet

** *Comanche Skimmers Libellula comanche (new early flight data – kb)

*Red-tailed Pennants

** *Marl Pennants  Macrodiplax balteata (new early flight data – kb)

Variegated Meadowhawk

Blue Dashers

Western Pondhawks

*Mexican Amberwing Perithemis intensa

Widow Skimmers

*Red Saddlebags Tramea onusta

Black Saddlebags

San Diego County

Douglas Aguillard

Cuyamaca Mountains

Vivid Dancers

Blue-eyed Darners

Common Green Darner

Flame Skimmer

Cardinal Meadowhawk


Siskiyou County

Dave Payne, Kathy and Dave Biggs, other river clean-up participants

Shasta River at Hudson Rd. (~8 miles north of Yreka off old hwy)

*River Jewelwing Calopteryx aequabilis - dozens and dozens

Vivid Dancer ~12

Emma's Dancer -  dozens and dozens

Pacific Clubtail - hundreds and hundreds, perhaps a thousand

Darner sp, 1


Placer County

Ray Bruun, Tim Manolis and Erland Nielsen (visitor from Denmark)

A few good odonate spots around Roseville:

photos at

Miners Ravine, Roseville, Placer County

American Rubyspot -- 20

Black Spreadwing -- 20; female of a tandem pair captured and eaten by a

Pacific Clubtail; other tandem pairs seen

California Dancer -- 15-20

Emma's Dancer -- 80

Vivid Dancer -- 150
Northern Bluet -- 3-4 (males netted)
Tule Bluet -- 1, male netted
Black-fronted Forktail -- 10
Pacific Forktail -- 20
Western Forktail -- 20
Common Green Darner -- 8
Blue-eyed Darner -- 1 teneral female seen
Pacific Clubtail -- 12; see comments under Black Spreadwing
Sinuous Snaketail -- 8
Western Pondhawk -- 12
Blue Dasher -- 20
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- 12
Flame Skimmer -- 1
Common Whitetail -- 16
Striped Meadowhawk -- 4
Variegated Meadowhawk -- 1
Granite Bay Community Park, Granite Bay, Placer County
Black-fronted Forktail -- 12 
Pacific Forktail -- 6
Western Forktail -- 12
Desert Firetail -- 8
Common Green Darner -- 4
Western Pondhawk -- 8
Blue Dasher -- 12
Eight-spotted Skimmer -- 1-2 males
Twelve-spotted Skimmer -- 2-3
Common Whitetail -- 6
Black Saddlebags -- 2
Renaissance Creek Shopping Center pond, Roseville, Placer County
Pacific Forktail -- 10
Bluet sp? -- 2-3; out too far over the pond to identify for sure
Common Green Darner -- 2
Widow Skimmer -- 1 teneral captured by a Red-winged Blackbird.
Black Saddlebags -- 1
May 18, 2006

Sonoma County

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Sonoma Horticultural Gardens just south of Sebastopol. It has always been a 'hot spot' for Exclamation Damsels. We weren't disappointed:
Exclamation Damsels - 118 counted, most fully mature (mostly seen in the 'Yellow Gardens' across the bridge, not near the pond)
Common Whitetail - 1 teneral female seen
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 1 male see
This gardens is a very beautiful place, specializing in Azaleas and Rhododendrons. To get there, take Hwy 116 west from 101, turn right onto the SECOND Hessel Rd. entrance (~6 miles up 116). Take the first Rt and then off that street turn right onto Azalea Lane. The garden is near the end,

on the left.
A few butterflies were out, and the bird song was wonderful - even the Swainson's Thrush was singing at 3 in the afternoon!
If you visit, give us a call. We live just 3 miles away.
Our backyard pond has added 2 new species to its 2006 mix this week - Flame Skimmer and Western Pondhawk.


San Bernardino County

Rick Clements

Around the edges of the lakes at Mojave Narrows there were several ovipositing pacific forktails and vivid dancers.

Several blue-eyed darners and blue dashers patrolled the over the lake.  We saw one each of flame skimmer, common green darner and red saddlebags.


Shasta County

Bruce Deuel

Redding, Turtle Bay West

Tule Bluet Enallagma carunculatum - 6 males, 1 pair in tandem

Common Green Darner Anax junius - 2 males

Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa - 1 male

Twelve-spotted Skimmer L. pulchella - 1 male

Common Whitetail Plathemis lydia - 8-10 males, 1 teneral female

Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis - 6 males


Alameda County

John Hall, David Edwards 

Sunol Regional Wilderness

We spent time both downstream and upstream of the visitors' center.

Alameda Creek is still running very high and is not accessible to

wading yet. The Red-veined Meadowhawk was new for our Sunol list.

18 species

American Rubyspot  2                 

California Dancer  1                 

Emma's Dancer 1                       

Vivid Dancer  80                       

Bluet,sp  20                          

Northern Bluet                     

Arroyo Bluet                       

Pacific Forktail   1                  

Western Forktail  15                   

Desert Firetail                    

Exclamation Damsel   4                

Mosaic Darner,sp   6                 

Common Green Darner  1                

California Darner                  

Blue-eyed Darner   1                  

Pacific Clubtail   16                  

Flame Skimmer   3                    

Common Whitetail  6                   

Cardinal Meadowhawk   6               

Red-veined Meadowhawk   1  


May 17, 2006

San Benito County

Paul Johnson

I checked out an unnamed pond on newly acquired lands at Pinnacles:

-Pacific spiketail - 1 (in the canyon below the pond)

-flame skimmer - 3

-common whitetail - approx. 50

-cardinal meadowhawk - 2

-blue-eyed darner - 1 (+ 2 other probable)

-common green darner - 1

-western forktail – 6


May 14, 2006

San Benito County

Paul Johnson and Erland Nielsen (visiting from Denmark)

…a half day of Odeing at Pinnacles National Monument.  We spent a couple hours on the South Wilderness Trail and in adjacent Chalone Creek:

-grappletail - ~6

-Pacific spiketail - 1 (ovipositing)

-cardinal meadowhawk - 1

-American rubyspot - several dozen

-vivid dancer - many dozen


May 13, 2006

Mendocino County

Kathy & Dave Biggs, Nathan Rank and Frederique Lavoipierre  (of SSU), and Joe Smith and Jenn

We went to the Fred. B. Galbreath Wildlands Preserve (SSU acquired this land 2 years ago) at the invitation of SSU to survey the dragonflies.

Yorkville is the nearest town, the preserve is south of there. You go off 128 to the northwest on Elkhorn Road. This land is NOT open to the

public, but Rancheria Creek does run alongside Elkhorn Road outside the preserve.

At the pond:

Enallagma boreale - many

Ischnura erratica - a few

I. cervula - a few

I. perparva - some

Rhionaeschna californica - some (many netted, no sign of R. multicolor there at this time)

Sympetrum illotum - 4-5

Nearby we saw

Argia vivida - many

We're pretty certain we saw Beaverpond Baskettail, but not a good enuf sighting to record.

One teneral female clubtail took its maiden flight; we thought it was a Pacific Clubtail.

Later, further into the Preserve, a Pacific Clubtail male was collected where Rancheria Creek and Livingston Creek join.

Several other males were seen there.


May 12, 2006

Shasta/Tehama County

Ray Bruun

Coleman Forebay near the Coleman Fish Hatchery.  I was very surprised to find the forebay (pond, really) had been emptied.  
So, I instead went to the Battle Creek Wildlife Area headquarters (Shasta County) and the Tehama County portion of the wildlife area south of 
Battle Creek.  Got a few pix (
Cardinal Meadowhawk - 1 male
Eight-spotted Skimmer - ~15
*Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa (all young) - ~5
Sinuous Snaketail Ophiogomphus occidentis - 1
Common Whitetail - many
Black Saddlebags - 1-2
Common Green Darner - 1
California or Blue-eyed Darner - 1
Blue Dasher - ~10
Western Pondhawk - 5-10
Variegated Meadowhawk - ~5
Flame Skimmer flyby (female?) or other large rust colored ode
Pacific Forktail - common
Western Forktail - ~10
Vivid Dancer - many
Tule Bluet - 2+
Santa Cruz County
John Hall, David Edwards
QuailHollow Ranch
Vivid Dancer  80
Bluet,sp  50
Northern Bluet 2
Boreal/Northern Bluet  1
Arroyo Bluet  16
Pacific Forktail   120
Western Forktail  25
*Desert Firetail Telebasis salva  9
Mosaic Darner,sp  20
California Darner  25
*Blue-eyed Darner Rhionaeschna multicolor  3
Western Pondhawk  15
Flame Skimmer  1
Blue Dasher   6
Common Whitetail  1
Cardinal Meadowhawk   30
While watching a pair of tandem Cardinal Meadowhawks skimming low over the pond 
a bullfrog exited from below the surface and snatched them for a lunch time treat.
Placer County
Bruce Webb and Tim Manolis
We saw about 20 species of odes, nothing earth-shaking, much of the same stuff Hall&Edwards reported 
on their outings (including Desert Firetail, plus Red-veined Meadowhawk) so I think I am up to about 30 species for the year now, 
much better than a month ago.

May 11, 2006

Shasta County

Bruce Deuel

Paynes Creek Wetlands, a BLM property northeast of Red Bluff:

Vivid Dancer - 12-15

*Twelve-spotted Skimmer Libellula pulchella - 2 teneral females

*Striped Meadowhawk Sympetrum pallipes - 1 female.


Sonoma County

Kathy & Dave Biggs
Pine Flat Rd- road construction blocked our way only 5 miles up the road.
Ferguson Springs was very very overgrown and the only odes about were 
Vivid Dancers. We saw a few 8-spotted Skimmers and Beaverpond Baskettails along the road, but that was it.
Russian River @ Alexander Valley Rd (the resort charges $5.00 day use fee though). 
The river is still a bit high, but we found
Emma's Dancer – a few females
Vivid Dancers - some 
*Bison Snaketails Ophiogomphus bison - one mature female Bison Snaketail, and 3 tenerals, which we believe were the same species. 
No cruisers or clubskimmers, etc. yet though.


Alameda County

John Hall, David Edwards

Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area

American Rubyspot  2

Tule Bluet 40

Familiar Bluet  7

Bluet,sp  50

Pacific Forktail  2

Black-fronted Forktail  6

Common Green Darner  1

California Darner   7

Wandering Glider  1

Variegated Meadowhawk  24

Coyote Hills Regional Park

Mosaic Darner,sp  15

Common Green Darner  1

California Darner  3

Blue-eyed Darner   7

Blue Dasher   1

Variegated Meadowhawk   7


May 9-10, 2006

Sonoma County

Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Sebastopol

Black Spreadwing – 1 male, 1st seen on 10th

Vivid Dancer - many

Pacific Forktail  - some

Western Forktail - some

Exclamation Damsel –5 males, 1 female

California Darner – 1 male

8-spottetd Skimmer – 1 male

Cardinal Meadowhawk – 2 pair + 1 m


May 8, 2006

Placer County

Tom Roach, Tim Manolis, Kathy & Dave Biggs
In Sun City

Flame Skimmer – over parking lot

Darner sp – outside restaurant
At Ferrari Pond in Sun City during just a half hour we saw:
Familiar Bluets -- 20-30, all identified this species
Black-fronted Forktail -- Tim saw one male
Western Forktail – 3-4
Pacific Forktail -- pretty common, 40-50
Common Green Darner -- at least one patrolling male
*Black Saddlebags Tramea lacerata -- one patrolling male
Western Pondhawk -- 10 or so
Blue Dasher -- 3-4

Tim Manolis, Kathy & Dave Biggs

At Sculpture Park (late in the day, 5 pm):
American Rubyspot -- 10
Vivid Dancer -- 60-70
*Emma's Dancer Argia emma -- about 10
Familiar Bluets --
15-20 (Northern could have been there too, but none were identified)
Pacific Forktail --
a dozen or so
Pacific Clubtail --
1 male eating a teneral dancer – the first Clubtail for the year for all three of us!
*Sinuous Snaketail Ophiogomphus occidentis
-- 2-3 seen flying – Rosser Garrison and Andy Rehn had them at this site a few days ago

All together we saw a baker’s dozen, making this our first ‘teen’ day of the year – it feels like summer!!


Marin County
Dan Singer
Phoenix Lake 
I took a midday walk there. Highlights included *Beaverpond Baskettails Epitheca canis   (at least 25), one Pacific Clubtail, one Common Green 
Darner, many Vivid Dancers and several Pacific Forktails. I also saw what I presumed at the time were two Flame Skimmers, but my views 
were poor so I'm not sure of the ID. Lots of odes flying! I'm sure I overlooked many species.
John Hall, David Edwards 
Lake Lagunitas
Black Spreadwing   1                  
Vivid Dancer  16                       
*Boreal Bluet  Enallagma boreale  5   (1 in-hand)                  
Tule Bluet   45   (3 in-hand)                     
Bluet,sp   70                          
*Northern Bluet Enallagma annexum                       
Boreal/Northern Bluet  5              
Arroyo Bluet   8   (3 in-hand)                   
Pacific Forktail  35                   
Western Forktail   8                  
Exclamation Damsel  18                 
Mosaic Darner,sp   20                  
California Darner  35                  
Pacific Clubtail   17                  
*Grappletail Octogomphus specularis  2                         
Beaverpond Baskettail Epitheca canis   90             
Eight-spotted Skimmer  3              
Common Whitetail  1                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk   5               
Alpine Lake
Black Spreadwing  20 (2 in-hand)                   
Vivid Dancer   1                      
Tule Bluet   10   (2 in-hand)                     
Bluet,sp  25                           
Northern Bluet  2 ( both in-hand)                     
*Arroyo Bluet   13                      
Pacific Forktail  5                   
Western Forktail  10                   
Exclamation Damsel  1                 
Mosaic Darner,sp   10                  
California Darner  15                  
Pacific Clubtail  13                   
Beaverpond Baskettail  13              
Eight-spotted Skimmer   9             
Variegated Meadowhawk  1              
Cardinal Meadowhawk                
Red-veined Meadowhawk   1   
May 7, 2006
Sonoma County
Kathy and Dave Biggs
Their Sebastopol yard
Early this morning I went out and was watering a few plants when suddenly I was aware of ripples on the pond. I went to check it out, and there was a Cardinal 
Meadowhawk male drowning!  This was about 8 am and the pond wasn't even in the sun yet. So I picked him out and brought him into the house to dry off/warm up.
Which he did. I got some good scans of him and since I'm giving a dragonfly program tomorrow I decided to keep him. He was free flying in the house, but then he got 
caught by a spider in a web on the window - darn! He's no longer alive.
This afternoon, I headed back outside to weed, after a while I left my weeding bucket to come inside for a moment, and when I returned a dying female Cardinal
 Meadowhawk lay right next to the bucket!! I brought her in to scan too.
Now, while I'm on the phone later in the afternoon, I looked outside and a 
* **Pacific Spiketail  Cordulegaster dorsalis (the first seen this year and new early flight data by a whole week) is circling our lawn in the identical way the one last year
 circled the lawn, with one leg hanging down! And like last year, it stayed, circling around and coming within inches of Dave and I who again watched with mouths agape
for many many minutes!
Ode encounters of the strange kind!!
Siskiyou County
Dave Payne
I was messing around the backyard pond yesterday afternoon. Temps were in the low 80's and ode activity has started to pick up.  I noticed a teneral Vivid Dancer land 
on one of the cobbles around the pond. I also observed a chalky blue female Vivid Dancer ovipositing on the pond vegetation. Next, I watched a male Eight-spotted 
Skimmer cruise over the pond and land in a nearby fruit tree. Binocs confirmed the id. I also found a live damselfly nymph of unknown species. 
On Saturday, I had noticed the first "large" dragonflies on the wing over the Klamath River. No id for those guys.
Nice to see ode activity picking up.

Santa Cruz County

Karen DeMello and Jan Hintermeister 
Joseph Grant County Park
Big Basin Redwoods State Park:  
We saw a beautiful CARDINAL MEADOWHAWK perched above water we crossed on the Corral Trail at.  The wildflowers are beautiful, and birds were singing all day.
Yeah, it's starting to feel like spring!
May 6, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Sunol Regional Wilderness
Vivid Dancer  150                      
Northern Bluet  1                     
Boreal/Northern Bluet  7              
Pacific Forktail                   
Western Forktail                   
Exclamation Damsel  1                
Mosaic Darner,sp  20                   
California Darner  25                  
Pacific Clubtail  3                   
*Common Whitetail Libellula lydia 1                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk   1               
Alameda Creek is still running very high. We only visited the section downstream from the visitors" center from the pedestrian bridge to the current end of trail. 
To access this area cross the bridge and turn left.


Santa Cruz County

Karen DeMello
Big Basin Redwoods State Park:  
COMMON GREEN DARNER - was darting over the meadow on the Redwood Loop.
May 4-7, 2006 
San Diego County
Nicole Ramirez
Backyard pond, El Cajon
flame skimmer – a  female found perched and then later I found her floating in the water. I put her in a solitary place within inches of the pond. 
When the overcast weather was over 3 days later, THEN she flew off.

May 4, 2006 

Siskiyou Co.

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Soda Springs, Squaw Valley Rd, McCloud

Swift Forktail Ischnura erratica - 6 mature males, new sighting only record for Siskiyou County

Variegated Meadowhawk - 2 females solo ovipositing


Shasta County
Bruce Deuel
Redding Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
*Spot-winged Gliders  Pantala hymenaea - at least 25 – some of them were tenerals and actually landed on low weeds around the ponds.
Variegated Meadowhawks 


Colusa Co.

Kathy & Dave Biggs

Bear Creek @ Hwy 20

Vivid Dancer - 1 immature

Bluet sp - 1 male

Pacific Forktail - 1 male


Contra Costa Co.

Doug Vaughan

Sindicich and Maricich Lagoons at Briones Regional Park this afternoon - unfortunately missing the warm weather of the past two days. Winds were kicking up and the

temperature was only 60-62 degrees.

The pickin's were slim:

Black Spreadwing (Lestes stultus) -- 30-40, all teneral, so only one checked in hand

Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula) -- abundant

Western Forktail (I. perparva) -- locally numerous, but absent at the first spots I checked; I wonder if cervula are more tolerant of cool weather and thus appear earlier in

the day

California Darner (Rhionaeschna californica) -- 3 or 4, inc 1 f

Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sympetrum illotum) -- 3 or 4 m

Variegated Meadowhawk (S. corruptum) -- 2, a pair ovipositing

And that's it. Not a single Enallagma, which I find perfectly bizarre. More interesting, to tell the truth, was a pair of Red-necked Phalaropes that dropped into one of the

Maricich Lagoons for a little visit.


Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Stevens Creek County Park/ The Older Fremont OSP 
Vivid Dancer  4                       
California Darner  1                  
Flame Skimmer 1    
Picchetti Ranch
Vivid Dancer  6                       
Tule Bluet                         
Bluet,sp   15                          
Western Forktail  15                   
Mosaic Darner,sp   2                  
California Darner  1                  
Variegated Meadowhawk 1   
May 2, 2006 
San Francisco County, California
John Hall
I found 2 forktails today that surely looked liked Rambur's Forktail there at the GGP exhibit. They were resting mostly on lily pads. I also saw one dead damselfly. It was 
not easy to see since I wear glasses- and they were not easy to keep clear in the high humidity. But from what I could see I agree that they could be Rambur's. [see 
March 25th report – kb]
Paul Sarencini 
Thanks for your follow-up msg John -- sounds like this is an "established" colony of Rambur's (likely) Forktails, albeit inside the Greenhouse and of human-assisted origin. 
Undoubtedly the only Rambur's we'll ever see in SF.

May 1, 2006 

Sacramento County

Tim Manolis

Sacramento Bar, American River Parkway,
The weather was so summery today and has been nice enough for the past week that it seemed reasonable to expect a double-digit odonate list from Sacramento
Bar.  Just made it, without much help from the anisopterans, except for darners:
*Black Spreadwing (Lestes [dryas?] stultus -- 6.
*California Dancer (Argia agrioides) -- 2 males netted, 5-10 others probably this seen.
Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida) -- 20-30
Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile) -- 5 males netted, lots of other probables seen.
Tule Bluet (Enallagma carunculatum) -- 3 males netted, some other probablesseen.
Northern/Boreal Bluet (Enallagma annexum or boreale) -- one male netted (see below)
Pacific Forktail (Ischnura cervula) -- 10
Western Forktail (Ischnura perparva) -- 10
California Darner (Rhionaeschna californica) -- 6
Common Green Darner (Anax junius) -- 4
A teneral libellulid (or corduliid; might have been a baskettail) was flushed up while on its maiden flight, but was too nondescript, seen in too poor light, and flew over a 
little hill and out of sight, so remained unidentified.
Other than that and the few darners, all the odes seen in a 3-hour hike were damselflies.
The northern/boreal bluet was something of a surprise, I don't recall finding either at this site before.  Certainly, familiar and tule are the common bluets there. This points 
out the importance of netting a sample of the Enallagma on every field outing where good numbers are seen (you can let them all go after you examine them if you wish).  
For one thing, it allows for a sample-based estimate of the proportionate numbers of each species present.  For another, it may produce surprises that would otherwise be 
passed over.  The only record of Boreal Bluet for Sacramento County is one I netted while random sampling bluets at a small private pond in the northeast corner of the 
county.  In similar fashion I netted the first Arroyo Bluet for Sacramento County along the American River at a spot where I had only netted Familiars and Tules before.  In 
both cases, neither individual could have been reliably identified by sight alone.
Unfortunately, I was just able to ID the northern/boreal I pulled out of the net as one of these two when he slipped out of my grasp before I could examine him with 
magnification.  Odds are, since there is only one other record of Boreal Bluet for the county, it was a Northern Bluet, but because of my butterfingers, we'll never know.


Shasta Co.

Ray Bruun

Battle Creek Wildlife Area headquarters - about an hour

I managed to capture the "Widow Skimmer" from two days ago, which actually may be a hybrid [fide Dennis Paulson) or a really weird looking Eight-spotted.  As a few new things were coming out, I took a few pictures:

Familiar Bluet, adult male – photo taken

Pacific Clubtails, a half-dozen to a dozen tenerals - teneral male photo taken

*Eight-Spotted Skimmers Libellula forensis, a dozen or more teneral - teneral male photo taken

Widow x Eight-spotted Skimmer – one male collected

Western Pondhawks, a number of tenerals - teneral female photos taken

Some of the bluets had colored up and were displaying mating behavior.

April 2006
April 29, 2006 
Shasta County 
Ray Bruun
Battle Creek Wildlife Area
Yesterday morning, George Sappington and I spent a couple of hours chasing odes at the Battle Creek Wildlife Area Headquarters in south central Shasta County.  Two 
ponds by the parking lot, built a couple of years ago, provide nice habitat.  Photos at We saw:
Tule Bluet - several teneral males
Familiar Bluet - one teneral male
Pacific Forktail - many males and females plus a few andromorphic females, photos taken
Black-fronted Forktail - one adult male
Western Forktail - several adult females
*Widow Skimmer - 1 young male (first reported for the 2006 season??)
Variegated Meadowhawk - several teneral
Siskiyou County 
Dave Payne
The sun has finally returned to the north state! On April 28, I went 
out to check my backyard pond. I am celebrating its first complete 
year of existence. While dabbling around, I managed to excavate a 
dragonfly larvae. It looked like a skimmer larvae, and I'm guessing 
flame skimmer because I observed them ovipositing in the pond last 
Further observation produced the first emergent odonata from my pond! 
I had found a teneral northern bluet? I came back the next morning to 
observe the damselfly in the hopes of making a positive id. It held 
its wings like a bluet vs a dancer. Lots of black and tan.
April 28, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
American Rubyspot   1                 
California/Aztec Dancer  7            
*Tule Bluet Enallagma carunculatum  5                        
Bluet,sp   3                          
*Arroyo Bluet Enallagma praevarum 5                       
Pacific Forktail   380                  
Exclamation Damsel   17                
California Darner   4                 
Pacific Clubtail   1                  
April 27, 2006 
Contra Costa County 
Doug Vaughan
Tilden Regional Park
On a short, binoculars-only visit -
*Exclamation Damsel (Zoniagrion exclamationis) -- 1 m
Western Forktail (Ischnura perparva) -- 1 teneral f, 1 mature f
Pacific Forktail (I. cervula) -- several m
Darner spp -- 2, probably California Darners (Rhionaeschna californica)
*Pacific Clubtail (Gomphus kurilis) -- 1 teneral m, drying its wings about two feet above its presumed exuvia
Interestingly, I never found this last species during two years of surveying the EBMUD watershed in Contra Costa County.
Colusa County 
Greg Kareofelas
I went up to the Goat Mtn area. Spent a couple of hours looking for butterflies - very little flying, only 10 species! I saw 2 Aeshna calif and a few A vivida. Because most 
of the roads up there are still closed, I decided to drive back thru Bear Valley. A lot of water came down the Bear Creek! All I could find flying there were a few A vivida.
Santa Clara County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello OSP  
Vivid Dancer  10                       
Pacific Forktail  4                   
Swift Forktail  12 
Pacific Forktail  12                   
Swift Forktail   3                    
Western Forktail  10                   
California Darner  2   
San Mateo County
John Hall, David Edwards
Skyline Ridge OSP    
Pacific Forktail  11 (Alpine Pond)         
Pacific Forktail  40 (Horseshoe Lake) 
April 26, 2006 
Sonoma County 
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Sebastopol
(First sunny day since the 20th)
Vivid Dancer – many, not colored up yet though
Pacific Forktail - several
Western Forktail - males and females                   
Cardinal Meadowhawk  - pair ovipositing
April 20, 2006
Contra Costa County
John Hall, David Edwards
We walked the Wildcat Canyon Trail between the Alvarado Staging area and Tilden Nature Center in Wildcat Canyon and Tilden Regional Parks.
Vivid Dancer  3                       
Pacific Forktail  5                   
Western Forktail  1                   
California Darner  4                  
Cardinal Meadowhawk   4 teneral   
April 19, 2006 
Sonoma County 
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Sebastopol
*Western Forktail  1m                   
California Darner  1
Cardinal Meadowhawk   3 – 2 m, 1f
Placer County 
Thomas Roach
Sculpture Park
Vivid Dancer- 1m   
April 18, 2006
Sonoma County
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Bigsnest Wildlife Pond, Sebastopol
*Cardinal Meadowhawk Sympetrum illotum – 2 young males, still orange colored
April 16, 2006 
Shasta County 
Ray Bruun
Battle Creek Wildlife Area headquarters in south-central Shasta County.  
I checked out a couple ponds near the entrance without much hope of finding anything (it's been really wet and cold).  But, wonder of wonders, 
I discovered a male and female Pacific Forktail sitting together as well as a female Enallagma later on.  They were all adults and are my first 
odes of the season in Shasta County, with the exception of the occasional overwintering (? - old anyway) Variegated Meadowhawk.
A friend of mine in Redding, George Sappington, has been seeing odes over the past few weeks.  It 's supposed to get into the 70s this week, 
so things are looking up.
Yolo County 
Greg Kareofelas
What a long wet spell, can't believe how cold and damp it has been. Today, the sun finally came for most of the day. I clearly saw my first dragonfly today -(freshly 
emerged, vs a holdover), Aeshna calif. - a real pretty male cruising my back yard here.
April 13, 2006 
Alameda County 
John Hall, David Edwards 
Anthony Chabot Regional Park, Bort Meadows area 
California Darner
April 11, 2006 
Riverside County 
Kathy and Dave Biggs
We hiked the LONG mile into Dos Palmas Preserve - on the East side of the Salton Sea. 
You no longer need to get special permission to get in, but they won’t unlock the gate for you either! 
We did at least find 8 species on the wing: 
American Rubyspot - 2, one male and one female 
*Blue-ringed Dancer - a few 
*Paiute Dancer - 3-4 
*Rambur's Forktail - many 
Rhionaeschna species - 2 
Wandering Glider - 2 
*Western Pondhawk - 4 females ovipositing, one male 
Blue Dasher - many! 
Flame Skimmer - 2 males 
April 10, 2006 
Imperial County 
Kathy and Dave Biggs 
New River Wetlands Project - Imperial Unit. 
Not much was out and it was still very windy, but we did identify several Familiar Bluets, hanging onto the grass at the pond's edge for 
dear life. One Forktail was seen briefly, probably a Rambur's Forktail, and one Skimmer of some type, possibly a Variegated Meadowhawk. 
April 9, 2006 
Riverside County 
Kathy and Dave Biggs 
Indian Canyons in the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation, between Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage. 
This area has only recently reopened to the public and we think it has great possibilities. In the stream in the main Palm Canyon (gorgeous!) 
we found 
*American Rubyspot - ~6, males and females 
Vivid Dancer Argia vivida - ~ 2 dozen 
*Flame Skimmer Libellula saturata - 1-2 males 
*Red Rock Skimmer Paltothemis lineatipes - young males and only partially 'colored-up' 
San Diego County 
Kathy and Dave Biggs 
Anza-Borrego State Park 
no odes found, cold and windy 
April 7, 2006 
Riverside County 
Kathy and Dave Biggs 
The constructed wildlife pond at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens 
Roseate Skimmer - a female ovipositing. Then a male came in and they mated, then she oviposited some more. 
*Blue Dasher Pachydiplax longipennis - a mature male 
At the same pond on the 8th, we only saw one male Roseate Skimmer. Alas, this was the day of our class there. 
April 1, 2006 
Imperial County
Bob Miller
Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area: Take Highway 78 30 miles east of Brawley. Turn left at the Railroad tracks at Glamis Store. 
Go about four miles and park. Walk one mile into the Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area. You are now about as far as you can 
get into the boonies and away from water and that is where you would expect to see dragons right?! Had three
*Common Green Darners Anax junius and one *Wandering Glider Pantala flavescens there today.

March 2006
March 30, 2006
Imperial County
Lynn Monroe
New River Wetlands Project, Imperial 
*Engallama civile Familiar Bluet -  3 males 
Variegated Meadowhawk -1 
March 28, 2006 
San Diego County 
Lynn Monroe 
Culp Valley, ABDSP 
*Black-fronted forktails Ischnura denticollis --many 
March 26, 2006 
Placer County
Tom Roach
Pacific Forktail – pictures taken of a male and of a female
San Diego County 
Lynn Monroe 
Borrego Palm Canyon near campground 
darner - 
March 25, 2006 
San Diego County 
Lynn Monroe 
Culp Valley, Pena Spring, ABDSP 
Argia vivida 
San Francisco County 
Paul Saraceni
Not a first-of-year sighting but an interesting, albeit undoubtedly human-assisted forktail occurrence in San Francisco.
I took my daughters to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park (GGP) for the "Butterfly Zone" exhibit that just opened and runs through the fall, i.e., hundreds of 
butterflies and moths -- local and tropical species -- have been released into the westernmost chamber of the Conservatory for up-close viewing. 
We also checked out the rest of the Conservatory exhibits, including the Aquatic Plants exhibit in the easternmost chamber.  While viewing these indoor "lily-ponds" I was 
surprised to see at least 3 forktails flying along the surface of a section of the ponds (which as far as I know are not supposed to house any non-flora species). Two of the 
forktails (an adult male and a female or imm. male) were grappling on top of a large lilypad within a few feet of the edge and even without optics I was able to get a fairly 
close look. Relatively large forktails with a slender abdomen. On the adult male, greenish thorax with 3 black stripes, continual black dorsal side of abdomen with yellow 
lower sides and one complete blue segment (pretty sure it was 8) towards the abdomen tip. The f./imm. m.-type was not quite as green on the thorax but otherwise 
similarly patterned. Without optics, my guess is Rambur's Forktail Ischnura ramburii (observed some of these in the wild a week ago at a pond on Cozumel Island, 
Mexico), though I can't rule out a similar "exotic" species like Furtive Forktail. On our second pass through the Aquatic Ponds exhibit I did not see any of the forktails 
flying but did see 2 dead ones floating in the middle of the pond (out of arm's reach). I also noticed what appeared to be an exuvia on the underside of a thin branch just 
over the water, near where one had perched earlier.
Anyhow, I'm certain these were not one of our local species of forktail (Pacific, Western, Swift, Bl.-fronted & SF Forktails occur in SF) and undoubtedly they arrived in the 
Conservatory via aquatic vegetation imported from elsewhere. The outdoor Lily Pond in GGP is within a 1/4 mile or so from there -- worth a check to see whether any out of 
place species turn up there.
March 23, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Monte Bello and Skyline Ridge OSPs
We had 1 unidentified flyby. Not even the Swift Forktails were seen where we saw them in late February. This area has been subjected to snow on several occasions this 
March 21, 2006
Santa Cruz County
Rick Clements
My first ode [this year] was a pacific forktail in Big Dalton Canyon above Glendora on 21 March.
Nothing since.
March 19, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Sunol Regional Wilderness
Variegated Meadowhawk 1
March 18, 2006
Alameda County
John Hall, David Edwards
Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area 
Bluet sp 1
Pacific Forktail 42
March 15, 2006 
San Diego County 
Lynn Monroe 
Coyote Canyon, ABDSP 
*Argia vivida Vivid Dancer -- 5 males 
March 7, 2006 
Placer County 
Tom Roach
Ferrari Pond
Took a photo of a Pacific Forktail - an immature gynomorphic female
March 4, 2006 
San Diego County 
Lynn Monroe 
Borrego Palm Canyon, ABDSP 
darners - 
March 1, 2006 
San Diego County 
Nicole Ramirez 
mission trails dam  
Took a photo a female forktail . ....I posted the forktail in the photos section at CalOdes. 

February 2006
February 24, 2006
Sonoma County 
Dave and Kathy Biggs 
Bigsnest Pond, Sebastopol 
2 male forktails on the pond today, the first of the new year. 
One definitely IDed as a male Pacific Forktail! 
Santa Clara County 
Monte Bello OSP 
** *Swift Forktail - 3  (2 male, 1 female) [Old early flight date was 03/12/05 - this is a significant update- kb] 
A check of Monte Bello OSP pond and Horseshoe Lake and Alpine Pond in Skyline Ridge OSP produced no ode sightings. 
February 20, 2005 
Yolo County 
Art Sharpio 
West Sacramento 
…. "about thirty" Sympetrum corruptum at his West Sacramento study. The weather around here that day was pretty mild and sunny, 
and he saw [them] in a wind-protected area that was getting lots of sunshine. He described them as "fresh," but also said they were mostly red,
so not tenerals, but apparently not heavily-worn adults -- maybe migrants from further south? 
February 16, 2006 
Sacramento County 
Greg Kareofelas 
I had a mature (nice red) male Sympetrum corruptum in my yard for a while. He found a nice sunspot & perched in it for about 20 minutes or so. 
February 15, 2006 
Placer County 
Thomas Roach 
Ferrari Pond, Sacramento 
Pacific Forktail 
February 14, 2006 
Sonoma County 
Dave and Kathy Biggs 
Lake Ralphine in Santa Rosa 
Pacific Forktail - 19 m, 1 f and one sex and ID undetermined - it was a teneral who I spooked into first flight. It landed on a low log, 
and before I could put my binoculars on it. 
February 10, 2006 
Sonoma County 
Dave and Kathy Biggs 
Laguna Wetlands Park, Sebastopol 
Dave and I went to go look for Pacific Forktails at the today, and the sightings yesterday bolstered our spirits. But, alas, we saw no Forktails. 
Dave did see one Variegated Meadowhawk though. 
Sacramento County 
Tim Manolis 
Went to Sacramento Bar along the American River Parkway from about 1:40-3:50 this afternoon.  Saw two Variegated Meadowhawks
(appeared to be mature males) and 1 immature (but not teneral) female *Pacific Forktail Ischnura cervula.  One other teneral damselfly 
seen briefly in flight could not be found to ID. 
February 9, 2006 
Alameda County 
John Hall, David Edwards 
Sunol Regional Wilderness 
** *California Darner Rhionaeschna californica [new early date, old early date - 02/22/03] -1 
Variegated Meadowhawk  4 
February 8, 2006 
San Mateo County 
Alvaro Jaramillo 
#I had a Variegated Meadowhawk go over, flying north during today's heat wave. This was in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo. 
Several butterflies going north as well, maybe mix of ladies and California Tortoiseshell. 
February 5, 2006 
Napa County 
Gloria Conley 
I saw a variegated meadowhawk today in Calistoga. 

January 2006
January 23, 2005
Sonoma County 
David Hofmann 
I was with Tom McCuller and Mike Parmeter doing our monthly bird census of the Audubon Sanctuary on Pine Flat Road in Sonoma County. 
Tom alerted me to a dragonfly, which I identified as a Variegated Meadowhawk.  While it was cold in Santa Rosa, it was noticeably warmer in the mountains. 
I believe this is called a temperature inversion.  I did stop at the Rebizzo Ranch seep to look for Vivid Dancers, but none were seen. 
January 12, 2005 
Yolo County 
Art Shapiro 
Art was out at one of his study sites in Rancho Cordova, Sac. Co., and didn't see a single butterfly, but he did see what he described as 
"two of your cute little Sympetrum . . .out and about", no doubt S. corruptum Variegated Meadowhawk. [this is the first report for northern CA] 
January 5, 2005 
Imperial County 
Bob Miller 
Had two Roseate Skimmers today near Calipatria in the north end of Imperial County.  A pair mating in wheel no less! 
January 3, 2005 
Imperial County 
Bob Miller 
El Centro 
Had a male *Roseate Skimmer Orthemis ferruginea and a *Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum 
near McCabe School, SW of El Centro, in the south end of Imperial County at Austin and McCabe Roads. 
Records from prior years, not recorded until 2006: Record # = record # at Odonata Central
Zoniagrion exclamationis 
Exclamation Damsel 
San Benito Co, CA 
RJ Adams 
Spring 2006 and 2005 
stream near San Felipe Lake 
CA chart #60
Record #7276
Aeshna walkeri (Walker's Darner)
Monterey  Co., CA
Finch Creek at Hastings Nat. Hist. Reservation, upper Carmel Valley
July 17, 1943
CA Chart #94 = Oakland Museum (HNHR) by Roberson/Manolis
Record #7277
Octogomphus specularis (Grappletail)
California: Monterey  Co.
Finch Creek at Hastings Nat. Hist. Reservation, upper Carmel Valley
July 17, 1943
CA Chart #94 = Oakland Museum (HNHR) by Roberson/Manolis
Record #7278
Lestes congener(Spotted Spreadwing)
California: Monterey  Co.
Hastings Nat. Hist. Reservation, upper Carmel Valley
May 26, 1938
CA Chart #94 = Oakland Museum (HNHR) by Roberson/Manolis
Record #7279
Sympetrum madidum Red-veined Meadowhawk)
California: Monterey  Co.
Hastings Nat. Hist. Reservation, upper Carmel Valley
April 27, 1943
CA Chart #94 = Oakland Museum (HNHR) by Roberson/Manolis
Record #7280
Sympetrum corruptum(Variegated Meadowhawk)
California: Monterey Co.
Hastings Nat. Hist. Reservation, upper Carmel Valley
January 08, 1942
CA Chart #94 = Oakland Museum (HNHR) by Roberson/Manolis
Record #7281
Sympetrum pallipes(Striped Meadowhawk)
California:Monterey  Co.
Hastings Nat. Hist. Reservation, upper Carmel Valley
CA Chart #94 = Oakland Museum (HNHR) by Roberson/Manolis
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